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President's Reports

President’s Report November 17

By Peter Butler | 28/11/2020

Numbat Rally Review Meeting Motorcycle Safety Week and Review Meeting National Road Safety Week Toy Run Season’s Greetings Numbat Rally Review Meeting A Numbat Rally review meeting will be held on the 1st December to document the learnings from the rally and how best to plan for the next one.  It was a success for […]

Presidents Report October 20

By Peter Butler | 07/11/2020

Topics were: Numbat Rally Motorcycle Safety Week National Road Safety Week Absence from November Meeting The last month has been quite busy for the MRAWA with the Numbat Rally having been rescheduled due to Covid fears from June to September and The Motorcycle Safety Week being postponed until October. Numbat Rally The Numbat Rally held […]

President’s Report July 2020

By MRAWA President | 27/07/2020

Today marks the end of my first year as president of the MRAWA. It is quite a journey to take on such a role as there are many learnings along the way. I would like to thank the hard work and dedication of all those who took this journey with me and helped guide me […]

President’s Report June 2020

By MRAWA President | 20/06/2020

Numbat Rally Rides Calendar Meetings Annual General Meeting   Numbat Rally The Corona virus seems to be pretty much under control now and the government has eased gathering size and intra-border restrictions. Given this good news, the MRAWA will plan to go ahead with the Numbat Rally from the 26th to 28th September, which is our last […]

President’s Report May 2020

By MRAWA President | 18/05/2020

Corona Virus Rides Calendar Meetings Annual General Meeting   Corona Virus It is great news that the virus appears to be under control, however everyone must remain vigilant for themselves and others. If you are not feeling well, then please self-isolate until you know that the illness is not something more serious. The symptoms of […]

President’s Report November 2019

By MRAWA President | 30/12/2019

President’s Report November 2019 Summer Riding Season World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims MRA South Australia Bikes Unlimited Charity Run   Summer Riding Season Now that we are enjoying warmer days, most motorcyclists have dusted off their trusty machines and headed out onto the roads to enjoy the scenery and social aspects of […]

Presidents Report August 2019

By MRAWA President | 02/09/2019

Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc. President’s Report August 2019 Hello to all and I hope everyone has been keeping dry and warm during the cold winter months. There have been some excellent rider days albeit starting off cold but quickly warming up for a good sunny day. Always good to take advantage of these […]

Presidents Report July2019

By MRAWA Ambassador | 20/07/2019

Hi All As you may have heard I decide to not nominate for any positions on the MRA Committee and stood down as President/ Safety Officer at our AGM on Tuesday 16th July 2019. It has been an absolute pleasure working on the MRA Committee for the past 15 years with some wonderful people, but […]

President’s Report June 2019

By MRAWA Ambassador | 18/06/2019

MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF W.A. INC. Presidents and other reports June 2019   I hope you are all managing to get in some rides in between the rain we are having at the moment or at least not getting too wet, and on the days when the sun does shine isn’t it a great time […]

President’s Report May 2019

By MRAWA Ambassador | 18/06/2019

MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF W.A. INC. Presidents and other reports May 2019   Motorcycle Lane Filtering has now been progressed through the Road Safety Commission and is will the Road Safety Council for the recommendations being sent to the Minister for consideration. I have been assured by the Ministers Principal Policy Advisor that we will […]

President’s Report April 2019

By MRAWA Ambassador | 16/04/2019

MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF W.A. INC. Presidents and other reports March/April 2019 I hope you are all well and not put off riding too much by the change in the weather. The Easter Long Weekend break is coming up fast and I would encourage all riders to take extra care on our roads as this […]

President’s Report March 2019

By MRAWA Ambassador | 16/04/2019

MOTORCYCLE RIDERS ASSOCIATION OF W.A. INC. Presidents and other reports March 2019   I have been in touch with the our Minister for Road Safety Hon Michelle Roberts MLC office on several occasions enquiring if there is any light on the horizon regarding legalising Lane Filtering in WA and it seems that it is still […]

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