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AGM President EO Year Report 2021

As most of you are aware, I had stepped down as President last August due to personal reasons.  That decision was a difficult one as I had enjoyed my time as President and was proud to lead a team dedicated to the safety of all motorcycle riders.

The last 12 months has had some noticeable achievements even though the ever-present Covid had restricted our freedoms and movements, these include:

  • Numbat Rally in Kellerberrin in September.
  • Motorcycle Safety Forum in October.
  • Lane Filtering Legislation.
  • Road Safety Commission partnering agreement.
  • New Constitution passed.

August 2022 will mark 40 years of the MRAWA’s existence.  It would be appropriate to plan a good celebration to mark this milestone.  A Numbat rally would be my suggestion for this celebration.  It should be noted that the committee had previously voted not to continue with the rally due to a lack of support within our own ranks and also if we could not make a profit then it does not make sense to give ourselves all that work to do.  Keeping those points in mind, I still believe a rally is an appropriate celebration.

I shall be compiling a list of everything the new president will need to know and do to effectively run the MRAWA, including all the historical files I have and will past them on within a week or two.  I wish the new committee all the best in their endeavors as this job is bigger and more important than most people realise.  It has never been about the individual wants and needs but about the greater good for all motorcycle riders.

I wish everyone safe journeys.

Jeffrey Thomas


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