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April 2011

Hi guys, I hope this copy of The Edge find you well and now enjoying some more cooler riding
weather. That was a long long hot summer and I for one am so pleased that the max
temperatures have dropped to a much more comfortable range.

We are now well on our way to our next AGM and I would like to take this opportunity to thank
our brilliant MRA Committee members for the fantastic work they have done this year and in
previous years to make motorcycling safer and more enjoyable. All the work that they do is
100% voluntary and takes a special person to make that commitment ( WELL DONE) At this
year’s AGM all Committee Positions are open for nomination so please give some consideration
to helping out, I would love to see some new faces and ideas on the committee. I have been the
MRA President now for 5 years and I have a great time working with all the different members
of the committee over those years but all things must come to an end and I truly believe that
any club must have change to move forward so I will not be standing for the position of
President this year. It has been an absolute pleasure to work and ride with all of you.  The
MRAWA is only as strong as the members and committee so if you know anyone who rides a
bike of scooter please let them know about us and anchorage them to join us (strength will
come for our numbers) I would also like you to consider nominating at the AGM for a position
on the Committee as we do have several members with multiple committee positions and with
more Committee Members we can share the load more evenly and have even more people
working towards a better and safer deal for riders. You will find nomination forms and details in
this issue

The rides group have once again been busy working on some great day rides and overnighters
and these guys put a lot of effort and their free time into organizing these rides, so please
support them by coming along to a few rides this year I can guarantee that you won’t be
disappointed and will want to join in more rides because they are so well thought out and

Cheers Dave

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Peter Butler

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