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April 2016


  • Numbat Rally
  • Avon Valley Motorcycle Friendly Region
  • Membership Officer Change
  • AGM Committee Nominations


Numbat Rally

We held our busy bee at the Numbat Rally site a couple of weeks ago and although there were not a lot of us there we certainly got a lot done. The rally site is looking quite green this year and thank to the guys we now have heaps of firewood to help keep us warm in June. We will be holding another busy bee on May 21st and we will once again be calling for helpers. If you are coming to the rally you will find a registration form and flier in this edition of The Edge. A few of us went out to the York Motorcycle Festival last week to promote the MRA and the Rally. It was very good day for us as many smart people ignored the weather forecast and rode up (we only had some light drizzle for 15 minutes and there seemed to me that there must have been a couple of thousand people who enjoyed the day.

Avon Valley Motorcycle Friendly Region

At the York Motorcycle Festival we helped launch the Avon Valley Motorcycle Friendly Region. This is a concept that we floated with the Avon Region Tourism Group a few years ago and it is now progressing nicely. The idea is for businesses to do a little more for riders who visit the Avon Valley by providing improved motorcycle parking, visor cleaning stations, safety information and maps showing the best routes and businesses on those routes that support the concept. We will also list accommodation in the region that offers secure parking for our motorbikes and value for money.

This is still early in the process but we believe it will benefit both motorcyclists and businesses in the Avon Valley and I believe this is the biggest region in Australia to embrace this idea with 7 different local councils joining together to make this work and funding the project at an initial cost of over $30,000.

Membership Officer Change

Dave Shannon (Spydah) has had to stand down as our Membership Officer as he has now a full time job that is taking his full time. I would like to thank Spydah for help he has given us over the past year and wish him all the best with his new venture.

I will take over the memberships until our AGM in July. Any enquiries contact me.

Email – davmar08@bigpond.com

Ph. 0418 954 424

AGM Nominations

It may seem a long way off to our AGM in July but I would like you to think of helping out on the Committee as we have some very dedicated people who have been doing a heap of work for our members and the general motorcycling community for many years and it would be fantastic to get some new people to help us carry on with the successes that we have had recently.

All positions will be declared open at the AGM and voting is for financial members only.

Nomination forms are in this copy of the Edge and on our website

Please consider helping.

That’s about it from me for now, please ride safe.

Dave Wright

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