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August 2013

Hi Guys we held our AGM last week and there have been a few changes in your Committee as you may have seen from the inside cover of this newsletter.

Firstly I would like to give a huge thank you to all the people who have given up their time over the last couple of years to work on the Committee; it has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside all of you. Without a strong dedicated team we would not have achieved many of the very positive outcomes over the last twelve months.

After two years as President Jeff Mazey has stood down but will continue on as Vice President, thanks Jeff I think we all owe you a Bundy or two for all your good work. After many years as a MRA executive Committee member Lyn Simpson is having a very well-earned rest from the position of Secretary but we have managed to keep her on the Committee as our stock and merchandise officer.

Finishing as a member of the Committee is our Edge Editor Simon Dzelzitis after two years of getting the latest news out to us. Thanks for your work.

So your new Committee is President – Dave Wright, Vice President – Jeff Mazey, Secretary – Bill Van Kesteren, Treasure – Joanne Wells, Editor – Jeff Thomas, Membership – Michelle Morgan and we have some new faces on the Committee but you can read the rest for yourself on the inside cover.

Once again to the retiring, the new and re-enlisting members of your Committee a big THANK YOU.

Jeff Mazey has wasted no time in organising some great rides for us and he is always looking for ideas from members on rides that they have done and would like to share with us, so forget the weather and just come on some of these superb rides on some excellent roads to brilliant destinations.

As you can see the other Jeff this one is called Thomas has produced a fantastic newsletter for
your education and enjoyment and although he can perform small miracles he does need input
from you for the content of the Edge, so please put your hand up and volunteer to do a ride
report or send him something you found that is amusing or Interesting, perhaps some jokes or
weird stuff, but please keep it clean. The more you send to Jeff the better the newsletter.

As always your Committee is here to help you in any way we can, so please don’t hesitate to
give me or any of us a call.

Cheers, Dave Wright

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Peter Butler

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