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August 2014

Hi Guys I hope you are all enjoying the absolutely brilliant riding weather we are having at the moment and getting out to enjoy some of our great back roads during the Spring, It really is my favourite time of year to ride, that and Summer, Autumn and Winter.

This being the first Edge since our AGM I would like to thank the past Committee of the MRA WA for all their hard work over the past twelve months and welcome them back as your new committee with a couple of additional people joining us as general Committee members and helping out as assistant Treasurer (Dee White) and assistant riders coordinator (Ray Fitall) Thanks guys I am looking forward to a great year for our organisation.

We have not raised the subscriptions for membership of the MRA WA for over ten years and are looking at ways to hold the subscriptions at the current low price for longer, one way we can do that is by reducing one of the major costs to us and that is the printing and posting our newsletter The Edge. So if you are happy to receive The Edge by email that will help greatly to lower our costs. If you do opt for this option can you please send an email to our editor Jeff Thomas at jxthomas@ozemail.com.au confirming that this is your preference.

While I am covering membership I would like to remind you of the benefits of being an MRA WA member. Firstly most insurance companies will offer you an additional discount if you are a MRA member (just ask them if they don’t ask you about membership) There is of course our motorcycle shops and supporters who offer our members discounts on their services and goods. A new motorcycle shop to come on board recently is Planet Honda (previously Prestige Honda a long-time supporter of us) They are offering MRA members 20% discount off parts, accessories, clothing/safety gear, as well as 10% off servicing, their highly trained technicians can carry out work on all makes and models of motorcycles using genuine parts. They also have a website for ordering on line just google Planet Honda and don’t forget your membership card or number. An additional advantage we are working on is a MRA member benefit with a well-known legal firm for some free legal advice; I will let you know the details in the next Edge. The ongoing benefit is of course the great day rides and overnighters that we organise on behalf of our members and the main aim of our organisation to work for rider’s rights and road safety as a legitimate form of transport and to encourage more motorcycle riders on the roads for social and commuting use. So tell your mates of the many benefits of MRA membership and encourage them to join. We as riders can accomplish much if we are together as one group. United we ride, divided?

That’s about all from me for this issue, so ride carefully, ride well and ride often. I hope to see you out on the road soon.

Dave Wright

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