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February 2011

Hi guys, first of all I would like to wish you all the very best for the New Year and I hope this copy of the Edge finds you and your family well and that you had a happy and stress free Christmas.

Well we are once again experiencing a very hot summer and riding in these conditions can be a challenge if you are not wearing the right gear. I got a great flow through jacket just before Christmas and I have to say it has made the difference between an enjoyable ride with protective clothing and what would have been a very hot ride or to put myself at risk by not wearing a jacket. The jacket has a removable waterproof lining and once this is removed the main body of the jacket is flow through mesh. I must say that riding with a singlet or t shirt under this jacket is much cooler that riding with just a t shirt because it lets the air through and keeps the direct sun of your skin but the jacket still gives you protection in the event of a fall because of its built in body armor. Also remember on hot days to drinks heaps of water, it is very easy to get tired and lose concentration on the road due to dehydration, and if you are feeling thirsty then dehydration has already begun, so always try to carry a bottle of water or a camel back even on short trips

The rides group have once again been busy working on some great day rides and overnighters and these guys put a lot of effort and their free time into organizing these rides, so please support them by coming along to a few rides this year I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed and will want to join in more rides because they are so well thought out and organized.

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Peter Butler

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