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February 2014

Hi Guys I hope you are all well and had a great Christmas and brought in the New Year in a proper way.

Jeff Mazey has organised some great rides for you in the coming months including a breakfast ride with a difference and a couple of terrific overnighters as well as his usual collection of day rides using the lass travelled roads. On the subject of people doing great jobs for us MRA members if you enjoy this newsletter as much as I do then thank Jeff Thomas and the people that contribute to its contents but if you think it needs more then send Jeff more. He is the editor but what goes into the newsletter is up to you guys, so send him interesting amusing and weird motorcycle stuff.

Whilst I am thanking people I must mention all the MRA WA Committee who do a brilliant job of running this group and keeping the wheels turning, it is only a small bunch of guys who do a heap of work for you. I know it is a few months away but our AGM will be on us soon and now would be a good time to think of what you may be able to contribute to the association to help us grow. Some of the committee have been putting their hands up for a few years and it would be great for us all to get some new faces working for you. New faces often bring new and more relevant and exciting ideas to a committee and you must be sick of seeing my face for all these years. So please give some thought to joining your committee and give me a call if you want a chat about it.

It is getting that time again to start to plan for the 2014 Numbat Rally. This year it will be held on the Western Australia Day long weekend (used to be Foundation Day) Saturday May 31st – June 2nd Once again it promises to be a great event with 3 days of likeminded motorcycle people having a great time camping, riding motorcycles, catching up with old friends and making new ones. We have organised a couple of busy bees to collect firewood for the rally and as they say many hand make light work. They are on the weekend of March 15th – 16th and May 17th – 18th both can be overnighters or just come up for the day. Some of the gear you will need is gloves and chain saw if you can get hold of one but it is not a necessity and if you have a Ute or trailer that would be useful. If you want to join us for the overnighter at the rally site you will need all the usual camping gear plus bring you own food and drink. These are always a heap of fun and I am sure this year will be no different.

That’s about all from me for this issue, so ride carefully, ride well and ride often. I hope to see you out on the road soon.


Dave Wright

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