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October 2013

Hi Guys I hope you are all well and have managed to get through one of the wettest winters I can remember for a long time, and you have now dusted off and serviced the bike now we are in what I think is the best time of year for bike riding (not that there is a bad time just different levels of good) The number of people turning up for our monthly rides have been down during the last couple of months as you will see in the ride reports. Jeff puts a lot of effort into organising these rides and they are always very well planned with lots of back roads that many of us have never ridden down before and he always manages to find great destinations. So please support Jeff’s his rides.

We now have a new process for membership renewals and new members that we hope will streamline
the time from joining to the time you get your membership packages. It is an internal committee
process so you won’t notice a huge difference. You can still send in your membership by mail or join
through a bank transfer but please remember to fill in and email your joining/renewal form to us so we
know just who it is we are receiving the payment from. We have received membership payment from
some people but not their details and it is usually difficult and sometimes impossible to track them
down until they call us wondering what the hell is going on?

We have the Perth Motorcycle and Scooter show happening November 1-3 at the Claremont
Showgrounds so parking should be a breeze this year. The organisers have pulled out all stops this year
to give you what I believe is the best motorcycle show in Australia and I have been to the Sydney and
Melbourne shows but for isolated Perth to get over 20,000 people attending and all the major
manufacturer there is a huge achievement and you should not miss it.

Whilst we are on the subject of the Motorcycle Show, the MRA will once again have a large booth at the show to promote to the general public what it is that we do as the peak motorcycle and scooter safety and riders rights advocacy body in WA. So please come along to our booth and say g’day or if you can spare the time to help out on the booth give me a call and we will give you a free pass to the show.

That’s about all from me for this issue, so ride carefully, ride well and ride often.
Cheers, Dave Wright

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