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President’s Report July 20

In this report:

  • Joint Select Committee on Road Safety
  • Australian Motorcycle Council Monthly Meetings
  • Meeting with the Road Safety Commission
  • Perth Custom Motorcycle Show
  • MRAWA Constitution
  • Position Statements

Joint Select Committee on Road Safety

The MRAWA has been invited to prepare a submission for the committee’s consideration.  Building on earlier work, the committee will inquire into and report on measures that can be taken to reduce trauma and deaths on Australian roads. It will investigate and identify opportunities to improve road safety programs and relevant policy in the health, education, industry, transport and other sectors; embed road trauma prevention across agencies; and reduce road trauma in the workplace, including a focus on heavy vehicles and the gig economy.

The committee is interested in stakeholder views and invites you to make a submission to the inquiry, addressing the attached terms of reference. You are also welcome to extend this invitation to any other people or organisations that may have an interest in this issue and may wish to prepare a submission for the committee’s consideration.

Australian Motorcycle Council Monthly Meetings

It was reported at the May meeting that the AMC had moved their monthly meetings from the 2nd to the 3rd Tuesday of each week which conflicted with the MRAWA meetings.  After some consultations between the groups, the AMC monthly meetings will now be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

Meeting with the Road Safety Commission

A meeting was held with the RSC on the 7th July with Dave Wright, Peter Butler, Gary Pontifex and myself in attendance.  The RSC had requested a submission for the next 2 years detailing the strategy of the MRAWA to promote safer riding and rider education to help reduce the overrepresentation of motorcyclists in accidents.  Of particular concern is high incidence of single motorcycle accidents.

MRAWA Constitution

The MRAWA Constitution is currently being updated in line with the Associations Incorporation Act 2015.  All members will be notified when the document is ready to be voted on.

Position Statements

A series of position statements are being prepared that will be displayed on our website and Facebook pages.  The statements will be evidence based and include but not be limited to the MRAWA stance on such topics as:

  • Motorcycle Protective Clothing – Jackets, Pants and Gloves.
  • Protective clothing legislation.
  • Star ratings on Protective clothing
  • Lane Filtering
  • Public education for new and updated laws
  • Motorcycles in Bus Lanes
  • Motorcycle Black Spot program review
  • Advanced Rider Skills training program

Free evidence based news: Busting 5 myths about 30kmh speed limits in Australia

The next general meeting will be held on the 17th of August 2021.

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