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President’s Report July 2020

Today marks the end of my first year as president of the MRAWA. It is quite a journey to take on such a role as there are many learnings along the way.

I would like to thank the hard work and dedication of all those who took this journey with me and helped guide me through. Thank you to all.

Some highlights of the past year include items such as:

  • New Website updated with many automated features for membership and safety messages.
  • Safety advertisements have been implemented on Facebook to broaden our safety message.
  • Revival of the Razors Edge magazine to become more automated from website content. Still needs some working out however the magazine will be trialed monthly to see how it works.
  • Constitution update and the introduction of a new Code of Conduct. The constitution still requires updating to better define and strengthen our operating procedures and expectations from both the committee and members.
  • MRAWA visibility on Facebook and Internet searching has greatly been improved.
  • MRAWA ride participation has also improved with January and February rides seeing 40 plus participants.
  • I met with the MRASA President and Vice President last October in Adelaide and also spoke on their regular radio show to describe some of the things we were doing here in W.A.
  • Covid 19 saw self-isolation, cancellation of the York Motorcycle festival, postponement of the Motorcycle Safety week and the Numbat rally.
  • The traditional Numbat Rally site is no longer available to the MRAWA due to changes in the Worksafe laws that would pose an unacceptable risk to the landowner.
  • The Numbat Rally is proposed for the 26th to 28th September.
    – The new site at the Hayshed in Kellerberin.
    – The next committee meeting is on the 4th August to welcome the new committee members and finalise the costing and organisation of the rally at the next committee meeting.
    – If there is time, we will begin discussions on the constitution updates.

Next General Meeting will be held on the 18th August.

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Peter Butler

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