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President’s Report June 2019


Presidents and other reports June 2019


I hope you are all managing to get in some rides in between the rain we are having at the moment or at least not getting too wet, and on the days when the sun does shine isn’t it a great time to be out on our bikes.



Road Safety Strategy 2020 -2028. The Road Safety Commission has now released its public consultation survey on the 2020-2028 Road Safety Strategy.  This consultation process shaping the State’s next road safety strategy was launched  Saturday 8 June.
The consultation process calls on the community to imagine zero deaths on Western Australian roads. This is an opportunity to help set the agenda for the future and save the lives of drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

I urge all motorcycle riders to take the time to complete the survey as there are some major changes proposed in the strategy (I am sure you have heard of the proposal to lower speeds across all WA roads by 10km/hr) and now is your opportunity to let the Government know your views on this and many other proposed changes.

Go to the website and register to have your voice heard. https://imaginezero.rsc.wa.gov.au



Motorcycle use of Bus Lanes a proposal on this has now been with the Road Safety Commission for some time now and have called them requesting an update. It seems the proposal is still being considered.

Once I have been told the final outcome, I will let you all know.


Road Safety Commission Grant of $1,000.00 has been approved for the MRAWA to conduct a Motocap, five Star Rated Protective Clothing Seminar. I have invited Liz, five Star Rated Protective Clothing Seminar. I have invited Liz DE Rome to travel to Perth to run this seminar aimed at informing motorcycle riders of the testing method and benefits to riders. I also intend to hold a second presentation and invite the Motor Traders Association, motorcycle dealers and motorcycle clothing shops. I am still waiting for a confirmed date from Liz De Rome for these seminars.


Motocap had  big jump on the number of hits on the website following our recent Facebook post on this subject to our affiliated clubs and motorcycle social media links. This is great to see and if you have not registered for updates on new garments being tested, which is happening on a regular basis, then do so here – www.motocap.com.au


Just a reminder now that the wet weather has hit to check your tyres for wear and keep a close eye on your tyre pressure, this will make a huge difference to the handling of your bike. 


Remember to ride like you life depends on it. (it does)


This report is a mix of Presidents, Safety  reports in no particular order.

Dave Wright
Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A.



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  1. With reference to motorcycles in Bus Lanes. As I understand motorcycle riders are permitted to use the Bus Lane along with Taxis and bicycles that is according to the Bus Lane signage that I have seen on Beaufort St and Fitzgerald Streets. I am a Bus Driver with public transport and a rider as well.

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