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President’s Report March 2019


Presidents and other reports March 2019


I have been in touch with the our Minister for Road Safety Hon Michelle Roberts MLC office on several occasions enquiring if there is any light on the horizon regarding legalising Lane Filtering in WA and it seems that it is still bogged down at the Road Safety Commission after being sent back once again by the Road Safety Council for yet another review. I understand that the wheels of Government moving slowly but for gods sake it has been over 7 years since our first working group on this. I have a meeting with the Road Safety Commission this week and although hopeful I am ready to be frustrated once again by the lack of progress on this issue.


The WA Motorcycle Safety Week is on this year from April 14th -20th and will be opened at the York Motorcycle Festival once again this year and I have invited our Minister for Road Safety, the Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA to open the proceedings.

We will have our MRAWA safety booth at the Festival once again this year, this is provided free of charge by the organisers of the event Premier Events and we are grateful for their help. They have asked us if we would once again have a couple of people available in the morning to organise the motorcycle parking. I am therefore still looking for 2 or 3 volunteers to fill this role or we may have to pay for the space at the festival.


I have applied for a grant from the Road Safety Commission to run a seminar in May regarding the Motocap star rating for protective clothing and hope to bring over Professor Christopher Hurren who runs the testing laboratory at Deakin University to give us a presentation on how the testing works and the benefits of a star rating for protective clothing. This method of a star rating is a world first and it has been developed in Australia, however many countries are looking to adopt our system of testing and rating motorcycle protective clothing. It is being introduced into New Zealand next week.


Remember to ride like you life depends on it. (it does)


This report is a mix of Presidents, Safety  reports in no particular order.

Dave Wright
Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A.

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