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President’s Report May 18

In this report:

  • May Guest Speaker
  • Australian Motorcycle Council Monthly meetings
  • National Road Safety Week
  • Perth Custom Motorcycle Show
  • MRAWA – 40 years in 2022
  • Upcoming meeting with the Road Safety Commission
  • Upcoming meeting with the Minister for Police and Road Safety
  • MRAWA Constitution
  • Absence during June

May Guest Speaker

Today’s guest speaker is Radek Zacharek from Accident Claims Lawyers.  Radek is an experienced rider and a member of the MRAWA and will give a short introduction to how the company can assist motorcyclists in W.A.

Australian Motorcycle Council Monthly meetings

The AMC have moved their monthly meetings from the 2nd to the 3rd Tuesday of each week which directly conflicts with the MRAWA meetings.  The MRAWA has 2 delegates who should participate, therefore we will need to discuss how to manage the situation going forward.

National Road Safety Week

The National Road Safety Week was launched on the 16th May and continues through to the 23rd May.  It is important to keep front of mind that despite our best efforts the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads remains far too high, with 1,200 deaths and 44,000 serious injuries every year. Last year, despite the dramatic decline in ‘exposure rates’ (time spent on our roads) due to the travel-reducing-impacts of COVID-19, 1,120 people lost their lives.

The ripple effect from each death and each serious injury is profound.

Therefore, we bring such a major focus to NRSW each year – to shine a spotlight on our collective & vital work to save lives and injuries on our roads.

Saturday the 22nd is the dedicated motorcyclist and cyclist safety day, the MRAWA is planning a safety ride with a barbeque at the destination for the participants.

Perth Custom Motorcycle Show

The BTWSC ( Belmont Two Wheel Social Club ) are bringing back the Custom Bike Shows of the 90`s we would like to see if your club would be keen to jump on board with some sort of display of your motorcycles / stalls as we showcase Perth`s best custom motorcycles.

Super advanced from the 90`s we now see some awesome pieces of two wheeled art out and about these days and we want to bring all those bikes with bling under one roof. Don’t worry we won`t forget about old school either.

This is an opportunity for you to let the vast and varied motorcycle enthusiast community out there see what you have on offer as a club and perhaps to attract new members or let the public know when you have your own events or shows coming up, there are no costs involved you are more than welcome to come and set up some sort of display.

The event will be held on the 18th of September 2021 under cover at the Dogswest Pavilion in Southern River and we anticipate between 2 and 2.5 thousand people through the door on the day. (2018 – 1200, 2019 – 2200, 2020 – Covid )

We believe this will be a great event to let people know about your club and will attract people from all walks of life in Perth.

MRAWA – 40 years in 2022

The MRAWA was incorporated in August 1982 which our 40th anniversary will occur next year.  It seems to me a member only event to celebrate is in order.  A celebration sub-committee needs to be formed to plan the event, perhaps as part of a Numbat Rally which is due to be held in June.

Upcoming meeting with the Road Safety Commission

The MRAWA will be meeting with the Road Safety Commission on the 26th of May to discuss issues such as Motorcycles in bus lanes, the lack of Lane Filtering public education and some aspects of the current Lane Filtering legislation.  Attendees will be myself, Chris Cobain and Peter Butler.

Upcoming meeting with the Minister for Police and Road Safety

The MRAWA will be meeting with the Hon. Paul Papalia, the Minister for Police and Road Safety on the 10th of June as an introduction and to discuss issues we see as important.  I will be away from Perth for the meeting with the list of attendees as follows:

Dave Wright – Safety Officer

Gary Pontifex – MRAWA Vice President/State coordinator for Ride4Life.

Chris Cobain – Treasurer.

Peter Butler – Secretary/Membership Officer.

MRAWA Constitution

The MRAWA Constitution has been updated in line with the Model Rules and is ready for the vote of approval and adoption by the MRAWA.

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