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President’s Report May 2019


Presidents and other reports May 2019


Motorcycle Lane Filtering has now been progressed through the Road Safety Commission and is will the Road Safety Council for the recommendations being sent to the Minister for consideration. I have been assured by the Ministers Principal Policy Advisor that we will be invited to sit down with the Minister to discuss the proposed legislation changes.

I personal believe this is now close to a conclusion (although I may have stated this belief previously.


Motorcycle use of Bus Lanes has now been with the Road Safety Commission for some time now and I have been told that they may have some good news for us on this issue. I will be arranging a meeting with them in the next few weeks to get an update.


Road Safety Strategy 2020 -2028. The Road Safety Commission along with the City of Stirling and the Motorcycle Riders Association of WA Inc. will be running a half day motorcycle public consultation session in the near future. This is to get input from motorcycle riders regarding the Road Safety Strategy 2020- 2028. This is the only consultation that is aimed at a specific road user group and will be your chance to influence what the strategy will look like and how it can benefit motorcycle riders in WA. I will be sending out the information and invitations once the date has been finalised.

Road Safety Commission Grant of $1,000.00 has been approved for the MRAWA to conduct a Motocap, five Star Rated Protective Clothing Seminar. I have invited Liz, five Star Rated Protective Clothing Seminar. I have invited Liz DE Rome to travel to Perth to run this seminar aimed at informing motorcycle riders of the testing method and benefits to riders. I also intend to hold a second presentation and invite the Motor Traders Association, motorcycle dealers and motorcycle clothing shops. The date of this seminar will probably be in July.

The Australian Motorcycle Council recently held an Extraordinary General Meeting The reason for this was to elect a new Executive Committee of the AMC. This has been brought about as some member organisations have raised concerns that the AMC has over recent times become ineffective,   due to a perceived lack of action and communication and that it will cease to be a representative motorcycle organisation in the future.

To prevent this from occurring a petition to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting was prepared in accordance with the AMC Constitution.

At this meeting a new executive committee was elected the executive committee is now –

Chair Person – Guy Stanford
Vice Chair – Dave Wright
Treasurer – Brian Wood
Secretary – John Eacott
General Committee – Peter Baulch
General Committee – Jason Anthony


I was invited for a meeting with Peter Katsambanis MLA, the opposition spokesperson for Police and Road Safety, we discussed many topic relating to motorcycle rider safety, including road infrastructure, training of riders and instructors, lane filtering, motorcycles in bus lanes and more. It is important to keep in touch with the ministers of the current government and possible future government.


Remember to ride like you life depends on it. (it does!)


This report is a mix of Presidents, Safety  reports in no particular order.

Dave Wright
Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A.                                                                          


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