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President’s Report November 17

  • Numbat Rally Review Meeting
  • Motorcycle Safety Week and Review Meeting
  • National Road Safety Week
  • Toy Run
  • Season’s Greetings

Numbat Rally Review Meeting

A Numbat Rally review meeting will be held on the 1st December to document the learnings from the rally and how best to plan for the next one.  It was a success for the planning stage given the Covid uncertainty and the required change of date and venue.  While the rally was a lot of fun and appreciated by most people, the number of attendees was down on previous years.  How to make the best use of the venue and increase the attendees will be the main topics of discussion.  The review meeting will be held on the 1st December for the Numbat and general committee members.  I will have to connect via Zoom as I will be in self-isolation on that date.  Anyone else who wants to have a say should either make it known at the meeting or send me an email and I shall include your comments in the meeting agenda.

Motorcycle Safety Week Review Meeting

The MSW was a resounding success due to the efforts of Dave W and Steve F.  A review meeting will be required to correlate the learnings and document the actions the MRAWA needs to take.  Responsible persons with timelines will be required to ensure we do not lose either the momentum or the initiative we have shown.  Dave W. can give a more detailed description at the meeting if required.

National Road Safety Week

NRSW was once again organised by Dave W and Steve F.  I will leave the discussion details to them as I have been away for a while and not up with all the current details.  Over to Dave and Steve!

Toy Run

The Toy Run will once again be held in December.  I ask the MRAWA membership to support this great event by attending and showing our support.  There will be an MRAWA area for people to gather pre-ride and travel as a group.  Have a look at our website for further details.

Season’s Greetings

I wish everybody a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to seeing everybody in the new year.  Please remember there is no meeting in December.  I will be leaving South Australia on the 20th November for the ride home and will be required to self-quarantine until around 10th December.  Great timing for the SA outbreak.

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