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Presidents Report October 20

Topics were:

  • Numbat Rally
  • Motorcycle Safety Week
  • National Road Safety Week
  • Absence from November Meeting

The last month has been quite busy for the MRAWA with the Numbat Rally having been rescheduled due to Covid fears from June to September and The Motorcycle Safety Week being postponed until October.

Numbat Rally

The Numbat Rally held on 26th to 28th September at the Hay Shed in Kellerberrin which is a new venue.  Attendances were down this year, with about 120 people coming along to enjoy themselves.

There were some learnings along the way on how to best operate there, however it was a good venue and the Numbat committee shall meet at time to be decided to discuss the outcomes.  Namely how to improve the planning, advertising and execution (mainly getting more volunteers) for the 2022 rally.  I am looking forward to next rally.

A big thankyou to Safety Su for her tireless help in the kitchen, and Bruce B. for running the Gymkhana in the way only Bruce can do.  Also, thanks to Chris C, Chris M, Steve W and others for their help in the kitchen and the manning the front gate.

Motorcycle Safety Week

This year’s Motorcycle Safety Week was once again successfully organised by Dave W with the able assistance of Steve F in ensuring the forum had the engagement of government bodies was professionally managed and delivered.  A questionnaire was put onto the MRAWA website with over 440 replies.  The interest was amazing and very appreciated.

  • Motorcycle Safety Forum – Saturday 10th
    • Good presentations and many ideas were tabled for later discussion. One of these ideas was for the MRAWA to become more relevant to younger riders.
  • Ride Right Advanced motorcycle skills course – Sunday 11th
    • Run by Dave W and was fully booked.
  • Ride your Motorcycle to Work day – Wednesday 14th
    • I had contacted multiple radio and TV stations in the week leading up to the MSW but there appeared to be little interest to give the MRAWA any air time. The number of hash tag responses from the committee was also not our best showing.
  • First Responders First Aid seminar – Saturday 17th
    • First aid talk and demonstration by Janine Nicholas from Rider Down
  • Serpentine Dam Safety Ride – Sunday 18th
    • Rob P took the lead for the first time on a big MRAWA ride with around 60 people attending. Thanks to Rob P, Chris M, Chris C and Peter B for making sure the group arrived safely.  Also, a big thanks to Dave W, Steve F, and Linda for setting up the marque and cooking the sausage sizzle.
    • It was noted that the promised motorcycle police liaison was a no show. It was disappointing however I am sure there was a good reason.

National Road Safety Week

The National Road Safety week will occur from 15th to 22nd November with pledges and daily themes.  Refer to the website https://roadsafetyweek.com.au.

  • Sunday 15th November – Pause to remember the 1200 that died last year.
  • Monday 16th November – Take the pledge and lead the way by promising to drive so that you and others may survive.
  • Tuesday 17th November – Safe driving to work day.
  • Wednesday 18th November – Move over / Slow down. Emergency services, roadside assist and roadside workers risk their lives every day to help us.  When you see the flashing lights move over, slow down to keep them safe.
  • Thursday 19th November – Protecting Every life. Its not just cars that are victims of road trauma.  Drive safely to protect every life along the road including pedestrians.
  • Friday 20th November – Shine a light. Turn your headlights on for road safety and protect your mates so everyone gets home safe.
  • Saturday 21st November – Cyclists and Motorcyclists. – Our cyclists and motorcyclists are our most vulnerable road users. Share the roads and give them the space they need.
  • Sunday 22nd November – Arrive home safe for your loved ones. The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is to arrive home safe.

Dave W will provide more information on the MRAWA activities during this week.

Absence from the November Meeting

I will be in Adelaide for the November meeting for family reasons so I will give my apologies now.  While there, I shall meet with the MRASA to discuss common safety topics and how we can collaborate to best convey these messages to the public.

That is all for now, the next general meeting will be on the 17th November 2020 which will be chaired by Peter Butler.

I propose the next Committee meeting to be held in the new year.  Please remember that there is no general meeting in December.

Jeff Thomas

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