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Presidents Reports August 2018

Firstly I would like to welcome and thank the members who nominated for the Committee of the MRAWA for the 2018-2019 year, I feel confident that we will all work for the benefit of the WA motorcycle community in whatever capacity that we can.


As agreed at our AGM I have drafted a letter to sent to all known motorcycle clubs, groups and associations, raising the possibility of setting up a Motorcycle Council of Western Australian (MCWA) to better represent the views of a larger groups of motorcycle road users. I circulated this letter and it is now being distributed to rider groups in WA to gauge what if any interest there is in establishing this council, if there is enough interest I will organise a meeting of the parties, if there is not enough interest it will be business as usual for the Motorcycle Riders Association of WA.


As also agreed at our AGM we now have set up our sub committees to cover-

Motorcycle Parking

Clive Rawson
Steve Fish
Dave Wright

Constitution reform

Ian Forsyth
Rhonda Nauman

Road Safety

William Murphy
Dave Wright

I look forward to working with and hearing back from these sub-committee on their progress.


There is a situation in Victoria where the a past member of MRA Vic who had set up a motorcycle on line group called Victoria Motorcycle alliance has now adopted the name of Motorcycle Riders Association of Victoria. This was possible since the MRAVIC changed to the Victorian Motorcycle Council, and there is some concern that this individual may cause problems for the other MRA organisation around the country, due to his actions.


I will be attending the Australian Motorcycle Council Annual Conference in Melbourne in September and I am sur we will be discussing the Victorian MRA issue. We will also be visiting Deakin University to see first hand the work being done on the testing and establishment of the Motorcycle Clothing star rating system, with Professor Christopher Hurren who is running the programme.


Dave Wright

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