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Day ride to Williams

Leaving Kelmscott McDonalds at 10am and having lunch at Williams Hotel.

A lesiurely 380km round trip from Kelmscott.

All welcome, make sure you start with a full tank.

Give me a call if you want on 0422 125 510.


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Peter Butler

1 thought on “Day ride to Williams”

  1. Hello dedicated riders,

    The lunch ride to Williams started with the usual meet at the Kelmscot MacDonald’s at 10:00am. Present were 11 bikes of which 6 were the usual regulars and 5 were new. Good to see the increase in interest and enthusiasm from the public, including one gentleman who was a non rider that showed great interest in what we were doing and wanted to buy a bike to join the MRAWA. Good crowd, good turn out, everyone was excited at the longer than usual ride. The weather was forecast as warm with rain in the afternoon. We headed off down the South West Highway and turned left into Del Park Road towards Dwellingup for the first stop of the day. After a short break with much discussion going on, it was time to head off only to realise that we were missing a prominent and regular rider of one Harley Davidson with high rise handle bars. After much searching, he appeared from around a corner unaware of the concern with the usual smile on his face. This is also where Sandra announced she was heading back to Perth (safe riding) , with the rest of us (10 bikes remaining) heading west on the Dwellingup/Williams road and then left after 40km to head onto the final section into Williams.

    After a great lunch, some cold beers and much talking, we headed east from Williams towards Narrogin, only for yours truly, the second to last bike in a line of 10 to be pulled over for speeding. Yes, go ahead, make my day. I am open to donations to pay the fine. I will admit that I was speeding and the police were amused at my dismay at being caught but were good citizens themselves and did not deduct any demerit points. Thank you to the boys in blue, hard job generally under-rated by the public.
    From Narrogin we headed to Wandering and then onto North Banister, during which time the heavens opened up and drenched those who chose to ignore the weather warnings. No problems there, I get wet every time I take a shower. From there onto home and having to explain to my wife that yes, I had a better day than she did.

    Jeff T

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