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Minutes for General Meeting 19.11.2019

19th November 2019

Venue: 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

Chaired by: Jeff Thomas                

Minutes by: Peter Butler

Open Meeting: 7.34pm

Apologies: Couldn’t hear

New Members/Guests: Will Clark new member present

Minutes of Previous Meeting: No?

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes: Couldn’t hear, don’t think so


Secretary’s Report: Yeah nah. New secretary was nominated, see below

President’s Report: Yup, tabled, on file.

Summer Riding Season

World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

MRA South Australia

Bikes Unlimited Charity Run

Vice President’s Report: Yup, Steve W tabled info. ** Please send that to me so I can add to meet notes?

Treasurer’s Report: ‘on file’

Road Safety/AMC Report: ** Steve F was to send me report. Required?

Website Update and Facebook: (Marketing)

SOCIAL: Facebook, Steve F doing a great job of updating.

RIDE UPDATES: Chris getting ride info together in timely manner to be uploaded to the website.


Peter B has suggested that new ride details be sent through to support@smarterwebsites.com.au as his team can upload them with a 24 hour turn around.

We can also preset a publish date, so if you want them to be loaded, but not published until a certain date we can auto set that up to happen, just advise the publish date.

Other MRA Authors can still handle adding their own content if they wish, but the offer is there to add that content as well, just make sure we have all the details.


Although input has only been received from Ainslie at this point, Peter B has started on website upgrade.

The main improved outcomes that want to be achieved are:

  • Membership numbers boost
  • Increase subscribers to better communicate, and help lock in members, build members, and build MRA branding
  • Safety education –
    – For rider awareness
    – and subsequent support from governing bodies

A Zoom Wireframe Strategy session was agreed and set for Thursday 28th November at 5.00pm. Invites to follow.

RAZORS EDGE: Another aspect is to make the Razors Edge author (Jeff) a lot simpler and more efficient, and to make it sexier.

The software we use and recommend for this is > https://designrr.io/

Do NOT buy this as we wait for a LTD (life time deal) which was US$27 = US$97 for the PRO Level. So a one time investment rather than monthly ongoing subscription. It is likely to go on special as Black Friday (December 13th) Special.

Stock Report: Steve W said 11teen, and then I vagued out Steve, sorry

Membership Report: 4 new members, membership level now at 116

General Business:

BLOOD DRIVE: Giving blood, member #86 to reinitiate giving blood campaign. Dave W has knowledge of this previous drive.


Numbat rally farm venue not available, insurance, work-safe problems, incidents and liability issues. Lynn was in communication with Norm Beech and they regrettably cannot host the event any longer.

Lynn to draft thank you letter to Norm and family, will send through to President Jeff for approval prior to sending.

MRA stuff on farm site cannot be accessed till the end of the harvest season, duly noted.

Alternative venues will be investigated in due course, a few suggestions were made, didn’t quite catch them for the records, my bad.

It was discussed that a motorbikes only, and what you can fit on a bike, might be the way of the future, to minimize recreational bikes and possible issues with injury etc.

Constitution changes – Progressing and then all I heard was bla bla

Rides calendar – Chris has dates set to end of year

Nomination for Secretary – President Jeff nominated Peter Butler, motion was seconded by Steve W, vote was unanimous

Insurance update – Insurance query by Jeff, I didn’t get the response

First Aid Training – Contacted by Rider Down. In NSW 3 courses offered. Dave W said local courses aren’t getting the numbers

Next meeting – 21/01/2020

Meeting closed: 8.35pm

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