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Minutes for General Meeting 21.01.2020

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100

Date: 21.01.2020

Chaired by: Peter Butle

Minutes by: Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced: 7.00pm

Apologies: Jeff Thomas, Steve Wheadon

New Members/Guests:

New member – Murray Beros

Guests – Rob Pieri, Linda Pieri, Sandi McDonald

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Committee Meeting Minutes – 14.01.2020 – Motion to accept by Peter B, accepted by Dave W, motion carried

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

We’ll cover under ‘General Business’


Secretary’s Report:

NA as such

President’s Report:

Dave W read out Jeff T report

Vice President’s Report:

Steve W was ill, so NA

Treasurer’s Report: ‘on file’

PO Box renewal due in March


Need ink and paper

Road Safety/AMC Report:

MRAWA Safety Report January 2020 by Steve Fish

1 December 2019 – We set up an information stand at the end point of the Perth Bikers Charity Ride in Joondalup. There was much interest on the day and a good turn out and we handed out lots of information and MRAWA info bags and sold some badges.

7 December 2019 – Steve was interviewed on 6PR radio – Lets Play in WA about Road Safety. They are interested in having MRAWA on regularly as guests. Jeff was interviewed on the show in January and will be back on in a couple of weeks talking about rides.

8 December 2019 – Steve was also a guest on Motorcycle Torque radio show on 107.3 HFM. That show is on every second Sunday between 11am and 1pm. The next one is due 26th January.

15 December 2019 – Steve attended the Western Australian Police Open Day in Midland with Dave Wright. MRAWA and Ulysses had a joint stand at the event. Despite the extreme weather on that day (40 plus heat), there was a good turnout and we got to speak to some of the road traffic police.

15 January 2020 – Sad to see MRAQLD shut down due to lack of members / not being able to comply with its Rules Of Association and hence not being able to meet the requirements of the Queensland Fair Trading legislation. Let’s make sure that, that doesn’t ever happen to MRAWA, so get behind us and give us your full support.

Steve will be attending the WA Road Safety Research Forum on 26 February 2020.

Website Update:

New website went live 19.12.2019

Looking at better easier communication and updates to members

  • Mailchimp, direct through website, push notifications

Update grant in limbo

Ride event showed in Google Search for at least 2 riders

Membership subscriptions messages plugin we need US$100

Events Plugin, license needs updating US$75


Motion for Plugin Upgrade by Dave W, seconded by Ainslie

Dave W working on MRA achievements Timeline

Peter B/Smarter Websites to proceed with plugin upgrades

Will action be initiating membership renewal messages

Social Media Update:

Great ride attendance, 42

Facebook Ride – Reach and Responses BEST ever

  • Peter B shared print out of reach results, on file, and copy for Jeff T

Event sharing on ‘Bike Runs WA’ may be major contributing factor

=== ACTIONS===

Add ALL events to Facebook Page


Stock Report: NA, Steve W absent

Membership Report:

 In December – 5 new members – Now 121 members

Dave W to send card to WAWMA


 Constitution changes – Final changes being done right now by Dave W, ready to be distributed to Committee for final approval before being distributed to the members to be ratified at the next General Meeting 18.02.2020

** One constitution edit that was recognised was the addition that ANY grant application first be approved by the Committee BEFORE submission.


Jeff T and Dave W to communicate on final draft.

Jeff T to finalise final draft of constitution ready for distribution, in preparation for acceptance at subsequent meeting.


Rides calendar – Chris will be planning out the rides with Jeff T for 2020 soon (next week or so?)


Chris C to do ride calendar, will consult with Jeff T.

Will send through to committee for review.


Insurance update – NA

First Aid Training – NA

Fire Striker – Add as a product to website


Ainslie to add as product to website

Ainslie to get video


Dave – Grants, York Festival, National Road Safety Week


Dave to send grant data and meet notes to Peter B

Grant summary below

Meet notes below



Dave W outlined of the details of the two recent Grants that I have applied for on behalf of the MRAWA from the Road Safety Commission

Grant 1 – National Road Safety Week, 3rd – 10th May ($4,960.00 pending approval) for subsidised First Aid Courses.

Grant 2 – Motorcycle Safety Week, 19th – 25th April ($4,550.00 pending approval) for York Motorcycle Festival and rider skills enhancement course.


During a recent meeting with the Road Safety Commission I raised the prospect  of forming a Motorcycle Specific Safety Advisory Group to replace or be in addition to the Vulnerable Road User Advisory Group, as I believe we need a more focused approach to motorcycle safety then we can produce from the current situation. This is a work in progress.

I explained the role of the Australian Motorcycle Council (AMC) as the peak body representing motorcycle riders to the Federal Government and its agencies. The AMC has representatives from all States with the exception of Queensland at the moment.

The current Chairman of the AMC Guy Stanford has reluctantly stood down due to ill health, and as I am the Vice Chair of the AMC the responsibility of arranging a meeting to discuss the situation and hold our annual Conference mine.

** Raised the opportunity for the MRAWA to register us with United Petroleum, as a not for profit organisation, this will enable our members to apply for a discount card that will give them 2 cents per litre off their fuel bill and also give the MRAWA 2 cents per litre that will be deposited directly into the Clubs bank account.


Ainslie moved a motion to accept that Dave W initiate investigation into this, Peter B seconded, motion carried


Suggested that we could promote Members Benefits from our list of suppliers on our website and highlight that many insurance companies will give MRAWA members a discount off their motorcycle insurance that in many situations would be more than the MRAWA membership fee.


Peter B to check highlighting that more in the website


Dave Wright

Life Member No6

MRAWA Committee


6PR radio show.  Steve Fish has been on in the past, Jeff T was on Saturday last week talking about safety and what the MRAWA is doing and next Saturday (24th) I will be talking about great rides around WA.


Steve F to create ‘Radio’ events on FB Page as feature spots come up


ANZAC – anyone doing anything?


Deferred for next meeting


Numbat Rally – Still NOT off the table

 Licence Retro – discounts

  • Have to be a member of vintage or classic club. MRA not a qualified club

Vulnerable Road User Group

  • Next meet in February. Dave W will attend, Steve F?
  • We need a special Motorcycle group, that has been acknowledged by Dave W. Changes are coming, plan is to include ALL MC groups

 Upcoming Events:

National Road Safety Week 3 May to 10 May

Motorcycle Safety Week 19 April to 25 April

Dave W away next meeting 18.01.2020

Rides Report:

Great ride attendance, 42. Dave W read Jeff T ride report

In discussion it came up that the recent 19.01.2020 ride ‘may’ have been popular because it was a short ride (early finish).

Discussed the possibility of having a range of long and short rides, some maybe even having 2 ‘legs’ or stages, so some could do stage 1 and opt out and others do the full ride.

Chris C and Jeff T to discuss and report back to committee for rides input.

Next Meeting: 18.02.2020

 Meeting Closed:  8.46pm

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