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Minutes for General Meeting September 15

Venue: Victoria Park Hotel, 605 Albany Highway Victoria Park 6100



Chaired by:

Steve Wheadon

Minutes by:

Peter Butler

Meeting Commenced:



Jeff Thomas, Michael Couper, Peter De Blanc

Attendance: As per attendance register. 18 in total.

New Members/Guests:

New members: 14

  • Lester Yates
  • Mark Trim
  • Mark Luxford
  • Aroha Kinley
  • Peter Gould
  • Duane Cox
  • Daniel Membry
  • Graham Astbury
  • Brett Taylor
  • Finn Svensson
  • Paul Young
  • Marty Wenham
  • Sandra Mutch
  • Paul Bonham

+ 3 late today that I did not register.


Warren Maughan – as a rider himself and service provider for Minuteman Press Fremantle for the new business cards.

Julian Raats

Previous Minutes:

Move to accept general meeting minutes 18.08.2020. Chris Cobain moved to accept, seconded by Dave Wright, accepted.

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes:

Still not 100% sure what this agenda section is for?

What was NOT actioned from the last meeting was a meet between Jeff T, Steve F and me to plan sponsorship options. Numbat and MSW are taking primary focus right now.

Still need Membership drive notes for Dave W, while you are doing nothing 😊


Secretary’s Report:


Albany Vintage & Classic Motorcycle Club Newsletter. I enjoy these. Note, they have an assistant secretary 😊

Ride 4 life Newsletter – certainly in action

Damien Codognotto – MRA Melbourne – Road Toll Increase info. The info, apart from this email were not printable so this email is all we have.

I am coming onboard with Bikes Unlimited to relaunch their website for the Perth Charity Bike Ride. It’s a strategic move, for Smarter Websites with a ‘Stellar Smarter Websites’ badge and well as for MRA.

Will create an MRA page, merits of MRA, links to website, links to membership.

Communications to other Rider Groups:

I’d like to start compiling our likely strategic partners into a contact database.

Jeff T sent me a list called ‘Biker Groups WA’ with 26 contacts. Sent an email to 27, only 7 have opened.

Then I noticed on our last meeting minutes Dave W had a list of AMC Committee members.

#1: Can I have that list as a contact list, emails, mobiles, etc.

#2: What other groups do we have, should we have? Make start up list.

It was noted that 3 good contacts for access to other groups in WA would be –

  • Dave Wright – to review and possibly extend what has already been provided
  • Bandit from Bikes Unlimited
  • Bruce Burges, although Bruce commented Bandit and he likely had the same contacts

** Peter Butler to follow up.

President’s Report:

Jeff is doing his last stint working away, then he will be free to fully immerse himself into his role as El President.

Vice President’s Report:

Steve W had done his Certificate in First Aid. Would MRA cover the cost of $109 as the timing of him doing this was to benefit the MRA with the Numbat Rally. Motion was approved.

Embroid Me new sponsor, Numbat related sponsor, not sanctioned as official MRA sponsor as yet.

Steve W intends to visit Bruce B for Sea Container access on Wednesday 16th for Numbat stuff.

Numbat Rally stuff:

Trophies and plaques sorted. Bruce Burges to be paid agreed amount for his work. Motions was approved.

Insurance sorted.

Food required for Numbat purchase pre-approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

For the period: Previous month


Road Safety/AMC Report:

MOTORCYCLE SAFETY WEEK 2020 10th -17th October 2020

We are now less than four week from the start of our Motorcycle Safety Week, and preparations are progressing well.

We launched our Motorcycle Safety Survey on Friday 11th September 2020 and have received over 120 submissions at the time of writing this.

This is a good start however we need many more, if you have not completed the survey yet then please visit the MRAWA website and do so. We also ask that you share the survey with as many of your motorcycle social media groups that you are a member of, and start nagging you mates to get it done now rather than later after we have closed the survey,


The survey will enable us to set the agenda for our Motorcycle Safety Forum. This is the launch of Motorcycle Safety Week on 10th October 2020.

We have confirmed presenters from –

  • Main Road Dept
  • Department of Transport
  • Road Safety Commission
  • Rider Trainers
  • Paramedics

MRAWA with the results of the Motorcycle Safety Survey. We are pressing for the presentations to be based on the results of the survey and we will encourage a vigorous questions from the riders attending to the presenters.

After the presentations and a short break, we will start the rider safety workshop.

At the conclusion of the Forum and workshop we will compile a list of actions from the workshop and survey to be presented by us to the various Government and outside organisations as the case may be, including rider organisations.

We are in the process of developing  a partnership with the Road Safety Commission to promote the Motorcycle Safety Week 2020 and 2021 including the York Motorcycle Festival, this is in the draft stage at the moment and with some negotiating should be completed by next week . This partnership will give us the funding to greatly enhance the scope, quality and frequency of our website and social media reach for the full year.

As the makeup of the Motorcycle Safety Week and the National Safety week have changed since the original Road safety Commission grants application and approval, I have asked that the funding be reallocated to a new set of actions. I am waiting for approval of this.

Saturday 10th October 9.30am – 2pm Motorcycle Safety Forum. (by MRA RSC)

Venue – Charles Riley Recreation Centre, 7a Kitchener Street, North Beach, 6021.

Facilitator – Ron Kemp

The focus of the Forum will be taken from the Motorcycle Safety Questioner that will close on 30th September 2020 and broadcast through WA Motorcycle Clubs and social media.

Draft Run Sheet

Welcome by MRAWA

Address by The Minister for Road Safety Hon Michelle Roberts MLA

Presentations by-

Road Safety Commission.

Department of Transport.

Main Road Department


Rider trainer organisation

Morning tea

MRAWA (results from motorcycle rider questioner/ input)

Workshop based on presentations/ questioner.


Outcomes from workshop


MRAWA (closing address)

Sunday 11th October 9.30am – 1pm – Motorcycle Skills Enhancement Course. Herb Graham Recreation Centre, 38 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka, 6061.

Wednesday 14th October – Ride Your Motorbike To Work Day.

Jeff Thomas will organise promotion and information.

Saturday 17th October 9.30am – 12pm – Motorcycle First Aid Seminar. Herb Graham Recreation Centre, 38 Ashbury Crescent, Mirrabooka, 6061.

Organised by MRAWA and run by Janine Nicolas from Rider Down First Aid Training.

All week – Main Roads VMS motorcycle safety messages. (organised by Dave Wright)

All week – Social media motorcycle safety posts. ( by Jeff Thomas, Steve Fish, Peter Butler, Road Safety Commission)

All week – TV and Radio interviews and messages. (by MRAWA Road safety Commission)

Motorcycle safety brochures and posters at motorcycle gathering venues. (MRAWA)

Focus- Fatigue, MotoCap Protective Clothing, Enhanced Rider Skills Training, Group Riding, Reporting Hazards.

Dave Wright

Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc.

Safety Officer/Life Member #6

Email: safety@mrawa.org

Ph: 0418 954 424

** Dave is looking for volunteers for the forum

Steve Fish reports that he’s working with getting brochures made up covering fatigue and hydration.

Website Update:

Web Traffic – Handout

webtraffic sept | Minutes for General Meeting September 15





webtraffic sept2 | Minutes for General Meeting September 15


Membership Software:

With taking the Membership management totally online, as well as the management of groups of contacts that MRA liaise with, we need a far more effective membership platform, akin to a CRM (client relationship management) platform.

Smarter Websites under Peter Butler covering can have this implemented. The nominal number is $550 setup, one off cost, just to cover the costs of the Smarter Websites team of implementation and configuration.

Once setup any website admin persona will be able to manage this, as well as future Membership Officers being able to easily manage new member signups, as well as member renewals and management.

Motion to proceed by Dave Wright, seconded by Chris Cobain.

** Peter Butler to initiate new software setup

** Peter Butler to send invoice for $550 to MRA

Social Media Update:

Increased activity, Numbat stuff mainly.

Stock Report:

Peter B reported we are out of stock on multiple items of apparel as well as badges. Concern is lost sales opportunities with the Numbat Rally as well as Motorcycle Safety Week.

Stock order on badges needs to be ASAP, higher priority than apparel.

** Merchandise Officer needs to make orders as required.

Membership Report:

Stamps – bought 2 x 20 stamps blocks @ 22 ea = $44.

Passed receipt to treasurer, please pay Peter B $44.

** Peter B to send personal account bank details.

** Treasurer to pay on receipt.

New members: 14 + 3 late signups

General Business:

Numbat Rally

Tickets Sold: 65 so far

Registered: 40 + some that have registered but don’t seem to have tickets. They might be people on others multiple ticket buys, yet to check.

Gate Registrants Checklist to be provided by Peter Butler and Chris Cobain to check via accounts checklist.

** Peter Butler to brief Jeff Thomas on –

  • Registrant Checklist
  • In Case of Emergency contact details access

Motorcycle Safety Week

Social Media Board setup, invitation sent to committee members.

MSW Pages setup


Forum Survey setup


Forum Registration Form setup



Peter Butler has created a portal to the MRA to collaborate on a social media ‘board’ for MSW and MRA.

He sent the invitation out last week, not sure if anyone has seen the invitation?

I will RESEND.

We need to have a committee meeting to show you how it works and proceed from there.

Committee Meeting to be held Tuesday 22nd via Zoom to start MSW Social Media Campaign

Say 6.30pm coz we’re not have to do a meal, start early finish early.

** Peter B to send invite to board again

** Peter B to send invitation to meeting via Zoom

Jeff Thomas to handle the MSW ‘Ride to Work’ campaign

Upcoming Events:

MSW – as discussed

Rides Report:

Got an email, asking if we have any rides on? apparently not? Likely because of Numbat.

Numbat Day Ride – Michael C

Saturday 26th – Meet at Caltex at 8:30, Stands up 9.00am

Next Meeting:


Meeting Closed:




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