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Motorcycle Fatalities Press Release



With the latest motorcycle fatalities over this weekend and the yearly motorcycle fatality toll so far this year equalling the total motorcycle fatality rate of last year, and still over three months to go, we are looking like experiencing a horrendous year for motorcycle fatalities.

The Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc. call on the W.A. Government to invest funds to conduct an in depth study of motorcycle fatal and serious crashes and an improved crash investigation with enhanced data collection, so that we understand the causes of motorcycle crashes, whether they be rider/driver error, gaps in rider training, the road environment, the type of motorcycle, riding experience and a lack of consideration by other road users.

We believe that only when we understand the true causes of motorcycle crashes can we make evidence based decisions on what actions need to be taken to reduce motorcyclist fatalities on our roads.

As things stand at the moment very little funding is invested by the Government on motorcycle safety in general and virtually none on motorcycle specific infrastructure projects (compared with approximately $10 million per year on bicycle infrastructure) We believe motorcyclists could use presently underutilised existing road infrastructure at very little cost to make motorcycling safer such as using priority bus lanes, emergency lanes, and on road bicycle priority lanes.

For enquiries please contact –

Dave Wright,


Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc.

Ph. 0418 954 424

Email davmar08@bigpond.com

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