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As most of you would know, the MRAWA Numbat Rally is held every two years and this is our year, 31st of May to the 2nd of June

The rally site is a sheep paddock in the locality of Balkuling (about 40kms east of York just off the York-Quairading road)

We hold two busy bee days in the lead up to the rally, primarily to gather firewood and to attend to other duties as required.

This process, while it sounds demanding, is made a lot easier with George Batt’s truck and bobcat for the gathering of the firewood from around the farm. THANKS GEORGE!!

What we need, to make light work of the rest is to have 20 people (or more J) with chainsaws to cut this bush timber into manageable lengths.

We usually have around 20 odd wood piles cut and well-spaced around the rally site (“bull ring”) to make the 2 nights comfortable for all ralliers.


The first busy bee will be held as an overnighter on the weekend of the 15th and 16th of March.

The night is enjoyable and we sit around the fire with a couple of drinks after dinner.

We will be meeting at the Caltex in Midvale on the 15th for a 9am departure.

What to bring?

  1. All camping gear for those staying the night, this is essential as you are in a sheep paddock.
  2. Anything you wish to eat and drink for lunch, dinner, breakfast for the two days and if you need to cook it, something to do it with.
  3. Trailer if you have one, this helps in timber collection and distribution as required.
  4. Chainsaw and the appropriate PPE and tools, fuel, oil. Etc…

Even if you don’t have a chainsaw, why don’t you come along and help out (bring your gloves), even if you can only spare the day.

Please don’t leave all the work up to the usual members, it would be fantastic to see a good turnout and it will make the second busy bee in May all the easier and probably only a one dayer.


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