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Ride Right

Motorcycle Skills Enhancement Course

Right Right is a program run by Dave Wright, an MRAWA member, a long term member, ex president, ex safety officer, committee member and biker advocate.

This is a very brief overview of the course which runs for 3 hours with a short break for refreshments.

This course has been supported by the Road Safety Commission of WA, Main Roads Department W.A. and RAC WA

Rider Training

The Ride Right Motorcycle Skills Enhancement Course is based it on the five cornerstones of the Imagine Zero Road Safety Strategy.

Some of the topics that it covers both in the classroom based component and the practical riding component on a private course to hone your skills and increase your knowledge are –

  • Safer vehicles (Motorcycles) this includes protective clothing for riders including MotoCap. Advanced braking systems, Stability control, on motorcycles. Motorcycle maintenance and safety checks.
  • Safe speed is covered including the limits of human tolerance and riding to the conditions.
  • Safe roads and roadside - spotting dangers on the road, including reading the road to avoid dangerous situations and the best line to take on corners. I also encourage reporting of road hazards
  • Safer Road Users - includes Motorcycle Road Craft, hazard perception and avoidance, correct road positioning, correct cornering technics, counter steering (sometimes called emergency steering) emergency braking. recognising and avoiding blind spots.
  • First Aid training and crash scene management.

For more information contact Dave.
Mobile: 0418 954 424
Email: davmar08@bigpond.com

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