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Rider Briefing

Ride Prep Notes on Day!

If a large group, ring the destination venue to let them know for catering purposes.

The MRAWA are safety advocates. Make sure everyone is wearing adequate safety gear.

The TEC (Tail End Charlie ) should count how many bikes are on the ride and inform the ride leader.

TEC and ride leaders should only come from the ride coordinators or the MRAWA committee.

RIDE LEADER. I’m riding XXXX bike.

This is our Tail-End Charlie === TEC Raise Hand === and TEC === rides a NAME YOUR BIKE ===.

The tail end charlie makes sure no-one is left behind and will contact the ride leader if there’s an issue.

The tail end charlie will also have a jumper battery and a First Aid Kit if needed.

If we get separated the destination is === DESTINATION === .

The route we’ll be taking is === EXPLAIN ROUTE === (include coffee stops, fuel, distance for a long run, etc).

Does anyone need a fuel stop on the way?

If you leave the ride, pull over along with the next corner marker and let the TEC know. Make sure you pull over safely.

Corner Markers on duty, or those with corner marker experience! Hands up! Please fall in behind the ride leader as we group to leave.

You can show inexperienced riders how to do corner marking effectively. We all need to learn.

If you see someone forget to corner mark, then stop and DO IT yourself, the riders behind you depend on it. Make sure your corner marking position is safe.

Sometimes there may have been a breakdown, so the riders behind may take a while, stay put. Also, make sure the riders approaching you are from your riding group.

Any questions about corner marking? Questions are good. Anyone?

RIDE RULES: NOT Negotiable!

Appropriate riding gear is essential.

If you’re a speed fiend, and overtake the ride leader, when you rejoin the ride do so immediately in front of the TEC.

Keep safe distance between bikes, but let’s not drift apart either.

Maintain a staggered formation, if the formation changes, change with it.

No overtaking on the left EVER.

No overtaking on a bend.

We are NEW or RETURNING Rider friendly rides, be mindful of this. And for those new or returning riders, don’t ride past your limit or comfort zone.

If you’re not confident in group rides, leave last.

If your a L or P plater, make sure you have your own nominated shadow, or please excuse yourself from the ride, sorry.

Enjoy the ride, look out for others, and stay safe!

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