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Motorcycle Clothing Star Rating

The star rating for protective motorcycle clothing was launched yesterday Monday 17th September 2018 and the link is www.motocap.com.au

This has been a long time in getting to this point with a large push from all the motorcycle representative groups around Australian since 2004. It has been lead by NSW with input and financial support from all Australian States and Territories.

It has now been officially launched after several years of testing of randomly purchased garments and after giving the manufacturers the past twelve months to get there products assessed and improved. I was at the testing laboratories last week and witnessed the testing procedure and I was very impressed by the level of testing to destruction on a purely scientific basis. 

This is just the first step and I feel confident that reputable protective clothing manufacturers will be all to willing to make improvements to there products to achieve a improved star rating as these tests will be ongoing, with retesting on a regular basis.

So go to the website and see the results on motorcycle jackets and pants, I think you may be surprised at some of the results. Cost is not always the best indicator of the safest protective clothing.

Once again the website www.motocap.com.au 


Dave Wright

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1 thought on “Motorcycle Clothing Star Rating”

  1. Rob Colligan

    What guarantee is there that Govt or Road Safetycrats will not now use this, to push for compulsory apparel?

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