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Safety and Legislation

A Safety Recall has been issued on MITAS Tyres


Get a Grip – On Tyres –>> A must read for all riders GET A GRIP ON TYRES

A Good Rider is a Good Risk Manager
The Motorcycle Council of NSW has produced some excellent rider safety videos. Theses videos have been produced for the topics of Braking, Counter-Steering, Protective Clothing, Crash Scene First Aid, Pillions, Cornering, Classic Crash Scenarios, Reading Road Users and Group Riding.
A must see for all Riders.

Click on the following link to view  Rider Risk Videos

The Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) has a new helmet safety rating from the Victorian Traffic Accident Commission.
CRASH tests motorcycle helmets and gives them a star rating of 1 – 5.   Follow the link :www.crash.org.au to the website.
The ACCC has recalled 3 helmets that have failed testing after A&NZ standards verification.   Helmet Recalls

MRAWA’s Reply to the Police Department Article in Sunday Times 19th May 2013

Follow the link for comments made by the police department in the Sunday Times on the 19th May 2013.    Police Department Article in Sunday Times

The MRAWA sent a letter to the major political parties asking them to commit funding for matters of road safety.  Click on the link    MRA Motorcycle Funding

Ken Travers of the Labour Party provided the only reply to date.  Click on the link    Ken Travers response to funding

Actions and status from the Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Actions Group (MSSAG)

OLA forum #5 outcome


Colin and Bob manning the Roadwise trailer at the York Motorcycle Show


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