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Road Safety Reports

Road Safety Report January 19

By Peter Butler | 31/01/2021

Motorcycle Safety Action Plan: Steve Fish and I have now gone through the results and comments from both the Motorcycle Safety Week Survey and Forum and have condensed and consolidated the ideas from those events into a Motorcycle Safety Action Plan 2021 We held a meeting with the Road Safety Commission on 14th January and […]

Road Safety Report November 17

By Peter Butler | 29/11/2020

Motorcycle Safety Week Steve Fish and I have now gone through the results and comments from both the Motorcycle Safety Week Survey and Forum and have condensed and consolidated the ideas from those events into a Motorcycle Safety Action Plan 2020 that we will be talking to the Road Safety Commission and other government agencies […]

Road Safety/AMC Report October 20

By Peter Butler | 07/11/2020

From Dave Wright: Steve Fish and I met with the Minister for Road Safety, the Hon. Michelle Roberts MLA on 7th October 2020 and the issues that we raised with her were – Motorcycle lane filtering We were informed by her that she had approved the proposal and that it is now with the Parliamentary […]

Road Safety Officer AGM Report July 2020

By MRAWA Ambassador | 27/07/2020

Road Safety Officer AGM Report: Position Status Year’s End Summary: Over the past year we have applied for grants relating to motorcycle safety of over $40,000.00 These grants are for- Motorcycle Safety Week $5,000.00 National Road Safety Week $5,000.00 Production of videos and printed material $30,000.00 These are all pending; however I have been informed […]

Bus Lane Use for MC Riders Trial Deemed Illegal – Challenged by MRAWA

By MRAWA Ambassador | 27/06/2020

The Road Safety Commission advised us via email on Wednesday, 24 June 2020 9:56 AM on the decision to ban the sharing of motorcycles to share certain bus lanes. They further advised us that Main Roads WA will be removing signs from five metro bus lanes that permit motorcycles to share the lanes. This follows […]

Safety Report June 2020

By Peter Butler | 20/06/2020

Safety Officer: Dave Wright Motorcycle Safety Week October 10th – 17th As apart of our safety report June 2020. I had a meeting with the Road Safety Commission last week to discuss their involvement with the Motorcycle Safety Week following an application for a grant to support our effort (this is progressing through the system) […]

New Road Safety Commissioner for WA appointed

By Peter Butler | 19/06/2020

Adrian Warner has been appointed as Road Safety Commissioner for Western Australia for a five-year term. Mr Warner has more than 30 years’ experience in senior leadership roles Commonwealth and West Australian public sectors, as well as the private sector, and boasts strong credentials in policy and strategy development. As an avid recreational cyclist, Mr […]

Road Safety Report January 2020

By MRAWA Treasurer | 21/01/2020

MRAWA Safety Report January 2020 by Steve Fish 1 December 2019 –  We set up an information stand at the end point of the Perth Bikers Charity Ride in Joondalup.  There was much interest on the day and a good turn out and we handed out lots of information and MRAWA info bags and sold […]

Road Safety Report November 2019

By MRAWA Treasurer | 21/01/2020

MRAWA Safety Report November 2019 by Steve Fish Current Road toll stats – 146, up from 126 same time last year – 30 motorcyclists, 13 pedestrians and 1 cyclist. Motorcyclists represent 6% of registered vehicles in Western Australia yet we are 21% of road fatalities. We need to lobby harder and louder to raise awareness […]

Road Safety Report August 2019

By MRAWA Ambassador | 08/09/2019

by Steve Fish 6 August – meeting with Road Safety Commission to introduce ourselves and discuss options for the future.. Lot’s of possibilities and we all look forward to working closely with RSC. 10 August – MotoCAP Seminar. We had 19 people attend the morning session. (4 from MRAWA) Dr Chris Hurren’s presentation was very […]

President’s and Safety Reports November 2018

By MRAWA Ambassador | 28/11/2018

Presidents and other reports November 2018 MRA General Meeting I attended the World Day of Remembrance for Road Trauma on Sunday 18th November and had an opportunity to speak with the Michelle Roberts our Minister for Road Safety and her Principal Policy Advisor Dr Bill Leadbetter regarding the long awaited motorcycle lane filtering legislative changes. […]

Australian Road Safety Conference 3rd to 5th October 2018

By MRAWA Ambassador | 19/10/2018

Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc Attendance and Report from the Australasian Road Safety Conference, Sydney October 3nd – 5th 2018 Wednesday 3rd October 2018 Opening Along with 4 speakers our Minister for Police and Road Safety, Hon. Michelle Roberts M.P. gave a presentation on the road safety achievements in W.A. The minister also stated […]

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