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April 2011

We have now received from the printers 10,000 copies of the Braking Habits handbook, this is the Western
Australian version of the NSW publication that we have made some changes to and modified to suit W.A. I would
like to thank Impact Communications for donating the time of their graphic designer for all the work in making the
changes to the text and photos and graphics and a big thank you to the RAC and the Office of Road Safety for
paying for the printing. This was done as a project of the Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Advisory Group. This
booklet is designed to give some of us that have been riding for a few years a quick and easy reminder of perhaps
how we should ride because we all pick up some bad habits from time to time and I think this booklet reminds us
of what we should be doing. We are getting these booklets distributed throughout the State With the help of W.A.
Local Government Association who have sent copies out to all the Roadwise Committees in all local and regional
areas. The Department of Transport also have copies available in all there licensing centre’s.   We are distributing copies through local and regional bike shops, rider groups and clubs and we will be handing them out at rider events. This publication is free to anyone who wants one. If you are having trouble locating a copy and would like to get some sent to you please contact me and I will forward some out to you.

The Department of Transport have received permission to print 10,000 copies of the Ride On DVD and these are
being given to all new motorcycle rider learners permit holders and they are also available throughout the State to
all riders free of charge. This is a Motorcycle and Scooter Advisory Group action.

The Main Roads department now have their 138 138 road hazard number printed on business size card that will fit
into your wallet or purse so that we can easily call them if and when we see a road that needs repairing e.g.
Potholes, gravel debris etc. The MRD are hoping that riders can keep them up to date with road maintenance
issues as they believe (and quite rightly so) that we are the main group if road users that spot hazardous road
conditions long before car drivers do and that we have the most to benefit from a well maintained road network. I
hope that you can all get on the phone and help fix our roads. This is also a MSSAG action.

Word has it that the Department of Transport will have the Western Australian version of the Rider Handbook
available to learner and novice riders out for distribution before you receive the next issue of this fine newsletter. I have seen a draft and it is very comprehensive and informative a on a whole range of rider training and procedures. Being the last State in Australia to get a rider handbook has in a strange way work that we are now in a position that we can pick all the good bits out of the other states Rider Handbooks and polish the bits that are not so great. These will be available soon at your local licensing centre.

I will be investigation if we can get The Good Gear Guide for Motorcycle and Scooter Riders and The Ride On DVD
as part of our high school curriculum for students as a learning tool before they venture off into the world of
motorcycle and scooter riding, as there seems to be a large and growing number of students taking advantage of
the benefits of a small cheap and environmentally friendly vehicle and I believe this is the time they need to learn the right way to ride and dress for the ride
Dave Wright
President Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. inc.

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