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August 2014

We are holding our Motorcycle Safety Week this year from 22nd –30th November and some of the events during the week include 3 free Ride Right Motorcycle Skills Enhancement courses in Midland, Joondalup and Toodyay, these will be advertised on our website and in the Sunday Times and Wednesdays West Australian newspapers in the motorcycle section. I also have a meeting next week with the Commissioner of Police to discuss a Police Motorcycle Safety Course, I will let you know more once we have the details sorted out. We will have the new posters with motorcycle safety messages for both riders and car drivers and these will be distributed to all motorcycle shops, clubs and sent to all local councils throughout Western Australia. We have organised with Main Roads Dept. to have motorcycle safety messages on their electronic variable message sign boards on the freeways and other major roads. We are working with the Motor Traders Association for their motorcycle dealer network to offer a 20% discount on all motorcycle safety clothing/gear during the week. We will also be running a Red Cross blood donation drive starting that week and running into the New Year. I am also in talks with the Office of Road Safety, theMinister for Road Safety and the Minister for Transport on their involvement during the week.

As mentioned in the last report I requested a meeting with the Minister for Transport this has not happened so far but have had a couple of meetings with his Principal Policy Advisor and have been very pleased with the outcomes of the meetings. As a result of these meeting the Ministers Office has now given the Department of Transport responsibility to look into a review of motorcycle helmet reform with a view of allowing motorcycle helmets to be brought into Australia that have passed the testing and standards of USA, Japan, and Europe without being required to be retested and adding to the cost of helmets and reducing the range of helmets available to Australian motorcyclists. I particularly think the European standard is a very good because it is specifically designed for
motorcyclists and not adapted from motor sports (car racing) and is therefore lighter in weight reducing the risk of neck damage that can be caused during a motorcycle crash.

I have also asked the Ministers office to look into why it is taking so long for the Public Transport Department to implement the trial of motorcycles to use priority bus lanes. This initiative was sighed off by the Ministers for Road Safety and the Minister for Transport as well as the Road Safety Council almost 12 months ago. The Minister for Transports office has now contacted the person in charge of this project as have I and we are both waiting a reply.

I have also requested a meeting with the Minister for Road Safety and although I received the usual generic reply that they had received me email request it has not progresses any further, so I will resend the email and hope someone is at home in the Ministers office. I do have a meeting in a couple of days with the opposition spokesperson for Transport Hon. Ken Travers at Parliament House to get his feelings on how to make use of motorcycles to reduce the congestion on our roads and parking stations. I will also arrange a meeting with the opposition spokesperson for Road Safety Hon. Michelle Roberts on motorcycle safety initiatives. I believe we need to speak to both sides of politic as they can both work for a better outcome for riders and we will have a state election in the future.

That is about it from me, as always please feel free to contact me on these or any other issue you feel needs looking at.

Dave Wright
President/Road Safety Officer
Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc.
Email- davmar08@bigpond.comPhone 0418 954 424


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