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Australian Motorcycle Conference 8th – 9th September 2018

Australian Motorcycle Conference 8th – 9th September 2018

Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria


Shaun/ Road Safety Strategy review this week.

Motorcycle infrastructure report by David Milling) AARB – to MRD/RSC

Brian BAC for mc riders .02 review road safety strategy

Peter Penalties for drug use detection compared to bac

SA funding to AMC


Chair Report

Shaun – 

MRA Queensland – emails from Chris – minutes/ AMC conference/timing issues -resolved by 2016 conference minutes.

Attempt to recruit the MRA Queensland back to AMC if posable? Shaun to respond to Chris.

Peter- in response to MRA QLD past problems with complying with constitution now all full in compliance with constitution act of South Australia where the AMC is registered.

TMC are now two years behind in paying subs.


Damien Cogniato and IRG/ MRA Australian/Victoria name. No longer using IRG name tag. Now MRA Melbourne.

Anti-association laws passed TAS. Parliament last week

Motorcycle Writer article on WRB not based to European quotes that where sent as private emails to the widow of the fatal rider contravened press requirements.

Reports/ email from Damien IRG possibly slanderous to AMC and Shaun

Next year is federal election year.


Secretary’s Report

Ebi – memorandum of understanding Motocap


Treasurer Report

Brian –

Payment not received from MRAWA

Review of accounts by Nicky Hussey. all good other than lack of some expenditure approvals evidence.

All funds have been transferred to Bendigo Bank from Commonwealth Bank.


Standards Report

Road Safety Barrier Committee (non-active)

Road Signs and traffic signals standards committee

Parking committee (active )AS 2890-2 AS 2890-5 AS2890-1 on footpath parking 1.8m/1,2m (road rule/ no footpath parking

Road marking standards (not a member at this time But applying to be a member)


Clothing Committee report

AMC representing many mc groups in Australia and NZ Australia wide

The launch of Motocap is Wednesday 12th September 2018

The AMC has signed a membership agreement with Transport NSW to be part of the Motocap Focus Group.

Comfort rating.

Water spray test

Position statement review

www.motocap.com.au launched on Wednesday afternoon.

This action is all about education for riders and an opportunity for clothing manufacturers at improve their  products and for riders being able to make the right choice for their needs.


Comment on Sub Committees

Shaun – Next years to reinvigorate the range of committees with the involvement of our delegates.

Peter – we need to use the AMC funds more wisely and to use the funds on committees and possibly conferences within Australia.


Rhys Griffiths (FCAI Motorcycle Manager)

2018 summary (Jan-Aug)

Current sales – overall down 5.1%

Drop in sales of 3321 units

FCIA only records about 85% of the market

Motorcycle with ABS are about 80% of total sales

Off road 43% road bikes 52% (LAMS bikes are the vast majority of sales.

Scooter are less than 5% of total sales – E-Bikes are possibly one reason due to the fact that you do not need a riders licence, insurance or registration able to use cycle and shared paths.

Australian wide 870,00 registered motorcycles  and up to 1.5 million vehicles in the entire fleet.

2.1 million mc licence holders.


Stuart Strickland

MTA Australia 

Suggestion that the MTA train motorcycle technicians as they do car technicians in an attempt to fix the massive shortage.

Tour of Motorcycle Clothing testing Laboratory by Professor Christopher Hurren.

We were shown around the extensive facility and given demonstrations of the testing procedures and equipment that has been developed  and his team by Christopher, to test motorcycle protective clothing that will be part of the Star Rating soon to be announced. This new star rating will give all of us a much better understanding of what is on the market so that we are able to choose the best and safest clothing that we need.



Returning Officer – Wendy Taylor


Chairperson-Shaun Lennard

Vice Chair – Dave Wright

Secretary – Ebi Lux

Treasurer – Brian Wood

General position – Peter Baulch

General position – vacant


Sub Committee

Standards Committees-

Road Safety Barriers – Brian Wood

Signs – Brian Wood

Parking – Brian Wood

Helmets – Guy Stanford



Member State Reports

NSW sent

S.A, sent

VIC. Sent

W.A. Sent

Ulysses sent

TAS. Not received

N.T. sent

ACT. Not received

QLD. Not received



To remain at $400.00 per member


General Business

Autonomous vehicles, how will they affect motorcycles. Sub Committee to be set up examining the impact on motorcycles.




Updated within 2 weeks (Shaun to undertake this action)


Australian Consumer Federation (fees to be paid)


Queensland MRA membership issue

Write a letter to MRAQ explaining that the AMC is in compliance with our constitution and the incorporation act in South Australia, and advise them that they are not financial.


Sub Committees-

Quarterly reports to be sent to AMC sub-committee coordinator.


Helmets – Guy Stanford

Autonomous vehicles – Brian Wood

Training and Licencing-


Media and marketing-

Off Road –


Research and Data-

Vehicle Standards-


Road Rules-



Communication – 

Email groups to be checked to ensure that they are up to date.


2019 AGM Meeting/Conference




Guest Speakers


David Milling – ARRB

Motorcycle specific or considered road design 

Design courses run by ARRB to educate engineers and designers on the needs of riders

Road infrastructure is only one section of the safe system (safer roads)

Public health issue.

Safety/cost benefit. Risk before and after motorcycle friendly road treatments.

Increase sightlines and clear zones

Motorcycle lanes.


Katie Minogue – Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Currently working on advocacy for injured motorcycle riders, they are representing individual riders for a sensible payment for injuries from personal injury insurers.

They recently represented a rider in NSW, pro bono for having a camera fitted to his motorcycle helmet, they took this through the Magistrates Court and the Court of Appeals to eventually get a positive outcome for the rider. In this case Maurice Blackburn where awarded court costs and as this was a pro bono case they have reserved these funds to go into a worthwhile motorcycle project.

They are currently representing a rider who was given a fine for not having a sticker on the back of his helmet, this case is on-going. One of the issues that they are very interested in is road conditions and loose stone resurfacing in an effort to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes in these circumstances. To this end they sit on several road safety panels representing vulnerable road users.

They are currently building a motorcycle with every known safety feature as a demonstration, this will be on display at the Philip Island Moto GP and will be given away as a prize to one luck rider.



David Hawker AO – Chair of the Victorian Government Motorcycle Expert Advisory Panel and former Speaker of the 

House of Representatives 

This advisory panel was set up three years ago and its members consist of the Minister for Road Safety, the Ministers Senior Advisor, Transport Accident Commission, VicRoads, Dept. Of Transport, Victorian Police and seven active motorcycle riders from different organisations and associations. He advised us that many of the fatal motorcycle crashed in Victoria are on unlicensed riders and stolen motorcycles, i believe this is similar in WA. He also stated that he would like to see the safety levy imposed on all motorcycle riders in Victoria used to VicRoads to improve motorcycle infrastructure.

This was a very busy 2 days, however it was very enlightening.

Dave Wright

President/Safety Officer

Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc.

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