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February 2011

A draft of The National Road Safety Strategy 2011‐2020 has been released for public comment and if
you would like to check it out go to www.infrastructure.gov.au and follow the links to roads and then
road safety. We will be lodging a response to the draft and if you want to let me know your thoughts on
it please call me on 0418 954 424

Some of the future issues that the draft raises are the possibility of introducing a zero or .02% blood
alcohol content limit on motorcyclists. We oppose this as there is no evidence that riders are at a higher
risk than other road users. (We are in fact less likely to be involved in a fatality than car drivers with
alcohol in our systems)  Another proposal is to legislate to install ABS on all motorcycles .We don’t think
this is viable or necessary as it is already being driven by consumer demand and to expect
manufacturers to build motorcycles and scooters with ABS just for our market would make the cost of
then jump dramatically, or they just would not bring them into Australia as we account for only 1% of
the world market.

There is also a proposal to introduce a motorcycle black spot program in all States which would be a
huge benefit to us, but they are looking at the possibility of funding it through a nationwide levy on third
party motorcycle insurance similar to what they are doing in Victoria. We are totally opposed to this
form of taxing motorcyclist to fix roads that we already pay taxes and registration for. After all car and
truck drivers don’t pay extra for road safety, pedestrians and cyclists don’t pay any registration or
license fees and yet there special needs are catered for and so they should be. So then why should
anyone who chooses to ride a motorcycle or scooter be singled out to pay an extra tax?   

These are just some of the proposals in the National Road Safety Strategy draft and as far as I know
these are not being considered by our State Government at present. But we all need to work as one to
oppose any moves that seek to treat riders any different to other road users.
As I said earlier please feel free to call me and discuss any of the issues raised in the Draft.

Dave Wright

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