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February-March 2013

Hi Guys I hope you had a good Christmas and saw in the New Year in the proper way.

It has been a bit quiet over the Christmas break with most of the Safety Committee’s having a well eared rest. But all that is about to change with all the motorcycle safety groups starting up again in February starting with the
Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Advisory Group, the Vulnerable Road User Group and the Motorcycle Road Rules Group. So the next copy of the edge will be full of the progress from these groups (I bet you can hardly wait) On the subject of progress I am sure you are all aware by now that the Learner Approves Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS) was launched on January 14th This now means that people who hold a restricted class of motorcycle license can now ride a motorcycle with a power to weight ratio of 150kw per tonne or a maximum of 660cc For more information on all thing to do with the W.A. lams go to the Department of Transport website www.transport.wa.gov.au/lams

As an update on the motorcycle helmet issue (see last issue of The Edge) The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) who are the agency responsible for compliance with the trade practices act are reviewing the
mandatory standard for motorcycle helmets. That was meant to happen in July 2011, then by July 2012. It now appears it will go out for public comment on the Regulatory Impact Statement in the next three months and will require input for all the States. Fingers crossed that they do something sensible.

We have a few motorcycle events coming up this year that we will be attending to promote safety motorcycling through our displays and handouts. We will need some volunteers for these events so if you can help please contact me.

April 10th is the B Street Smart this brings together high school students from all over W.A. to witness a re-enactment of a real road accident (last year it was a car v motorcycle) they also get some real life stories from crash survivors and the impact there injuries and disabilities have had on their lives. There is a one hour break when the students come to talk to road safety people who have set displays. I ran the MRA display last year and spoke to heaps of students who were influenced by the graphic nature of what they had just witnessed and I believe it changed their attitude towards safety on our roads. Last year it was held a Challenge Stadium with about 2500 students in attendance, this year it will be a the Perth Arena and they have about 7000 students booked in.

APRIL 21st The York Motorcycle Festival is on again this year only bigger and better and we will once again have our displays in the main street. The profit of this goes to the Telethon Foundation and is supported by the Police
Commissioner Carl O’Callaghan, who will once again be there with his band The Filth.

November 1st – 3rd. Perth Motorcycle Show. This year it has been moved to Claremont Showgrounds and as a result will have more of everything including our display and heaps of parking for motorbikes. But we will need lots of
helpers for this one as it is over 3 days.

As always I will keep you informed on these and any other issues that arise through this newsletter and our website but feel free to contact me if you have any questions on rider issues.

Dave Wright
email- davmar08@bigpond.com Phone 0418 954 424


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