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June 2017

A very busy couple of months with Motorcycle Safety being a high priority on many levels.

At the regular monthly meetings of the Vulnerable Road Users Group the focus has been on identifying, prioritizing and setting achievable goals to work on completing outstanding actions from the 2014 Motorcycle Action Plan.
Subsequently a Motorcycle Safety Sub Committee has been formed to allow more time and create a larger panel of agency representatives to address issues in more detail. The hot topic has been the Lane Filtering Legislation debate. At this stage all the pros and cons are still being considered and investigated before it is presented to the Minister for review. So -> still pending.
Serpentine / Jarrahdale Shire meetings are progressing well. I rode out along Kingsbury drive today on fresh new bitumen. Karnup Road qualifies for Blackspot Funding along a 3km length near Rapids Road. This stretch of road is what started my interest in Roadwise so this was good to hear there may be some preventative action on this road.
 We have been offered some space for an MRAWA stall at some local events such as the Mundijong Fair, Jarrahdale Log Chop etc. I will bring these dates up at the next meeting to ask for volunteers.
WALGA has offered the trailer with a crashed motorcycle on it to park outside of these events at the to grab attention of crowd.
We are making progress on a motorcycle friendly region with cafes being approached by shire rep as well as myself to see how much parking is available and sampling their wares. It’s a hard job riding around having coffee stops but someone has to do it ?.
Nic Hill
Road Safety Officer
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