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October 2014

We are holding our Motorcycle Safety Week this year from 22nd – 30th November and some of the events during the week include 4 free Ride Right Motorcycle Skills Enhancement courses in Midland on November 22nd, Joondalup Nov 23rd, Toodyay Nov 29th and Bindoon Nov 30th, these will be advertised on our website and in the Sunday Times and Wednesdays West Australian newspapers in the motorcycle section, these course are sponsored by the four local councils. We now have the new posters with motorcycle safety messages for both riders and car drivers and these will be distributed to all motorcycle shops, clubs and sent to all local councils throughout Western Australia and on display at all licencing centres in WA. These posters are in PDF and are downloadable from our website if you
want some for a local shopping centre noticeboard. We have organised with Main Roads Dept. to have motorcycle safety messages on their electronic variable message sign boards on the freeways and other major roads messages like Ride/Drive like life depends on it, Check your blind spots for motorcycles. We are working with the Motor Traders Association for their motorcycle dealer network to offer a 20% discount on all motorcycle safety clothing/gear during the week the list of shops offering the discount will be on our website. We will also be running a Red Cross blood donation drive starting to kick off the week and running into the New Year. I am also working with the Office of Road Safety on a communication plan to get the message out through social media, websites, newspapers and radio. PLEASE RIDE YOUR MOTORCYCLES AS MUCH AS POSIBLE DURING MOTORCYCLE SAFETY WEEK. Leave the car at home, ride to work, ride to the shops, and ride to the train or bus station, ride everywhere.

I have had talks with the Minister for Transports office and it looks as though the Trial of motorcycles using bus lanes is progressing and I believe that there will be an announcement from the Department of Transport shortly. This has been a long drawn out process ( it is now over two years since I raised this proposal with the Minister for Transport) I am looking forward to the trial and just hope that all motorcycle riders respect that we will be using the bus lane and buses have priority. There are a couple of meetings coming up shortly on this project and I will get you more details after that.

I recently had a meeting at the Minister for Police and Road Safety office to discuss steps that we can take to try and reduce the number of motorcycle fatal and serious crashes we are experiencing. The issues raised where the establishment of a motorcycle accident in depth study (MAIDS) the last time one of these studies was completed was over ten years ago and we need to understand what the causes of these crashes is if we hope to solve the problems. The Ministers Office has asked the Office of Road Safety to seek funding for this project.

I also raised the way major crash investigation is carried out at present in WA and although the Police and Main roads do a good job we believe that their needs to be a more cohesive investigation team which would include the Police, Main Roads, and specialist crash investigators from the relevant area (if a truck is involved a trucking expert would be part of the team, if a motorcycle was involved a motorcycle expert would be part of the team) this team would go directly to the crash site at the time of the crash and not some weeks later as is the case at the moment with Main Roads. Information should also be sought from the Department of Transport and information sought about the crash victims such as what was their state of mind where they well etc. This will not only give us a better understanding of the cause of crashes but will also greatly improve the type and quality of the data collected from crashes. The Ministers Office has asked me to provide them with a more detailed action item for them to look at.

I will be in Melbourne in mid-November attending the Australasian Road Safety, Research, Policing and Education Conference. This is the biggest road safety conference in Australia, and I would like to thank the RAC for funding my attendance at the conference, without their help I would not be able to attend. This year motorcycle safety and motorcycle road design improvements has a high profile with over 20 presentations on various motorcycle projects from around Australia and the world. I will give you an update on what people are doing about motorcycle safety outside WA and hopefully we can get some ideas adopted here (it has been very worthwhile in the past for exchanging ideas)

That is about it from me, as always please feel free to contact me on these or any other issue you feel needs looking at.

Dave Wright
President/Road Safety Officer
Motorcycle Riders Association of W.A. Inc.
Email- davmar08@bigpond.com Phone 0418 954 424


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