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Road Safety Report August 2019

by Steve Fish

6 August – meeting with Road Safety Commission to introduce ourselves and discuss options for the future.. Lot’s of possibilities and we all look forward to working closely with RSC.

10 August – MotoCAP Seminar. We had 19 people attend the morning session. (4 from MRAWA) Dr Chris Hurren’s presentation was very informative and engaging. He also mentioned 2 NZ events – Shiny side up and Ride Forever which would be worth looking at for ideas.


13 August – Vulnerable Road Users Advisory Group

My first meeting and there were a few other new members.  Main discussion was on the Terms of Reference for the group with many of the group also wanting to know how things are progressing and what have the group achieved. The current statistics on fatalities on WA roads is 110, with 50 metro and 60 regional fatalities, 24 motorcyclists, 12 pedestrians and 1 cyclist death.

The Road Safety Commission is currently doing community consultations for the State road safety strategy. There will be numerous community consultations as well as specific consultations for Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorcyclists. The motorcycle forum will be on 14 September in Scarborough.

There was a presentation from one of the cycling groups on Presumed Liability – basically putting the fault of any accident involving a vehicle hitting a cyclist or pedestrian on the vehicle. If this is raised again I would recommend the MRAWA not support this….


15 August – Australian Motorcycle Council meeting via Zoom

Main points of discussion were agenda items for the upcoming AGM/Conference, updating the AMC Constitution and how other States are recruiting new members.

MCC NSW and VMC have both updated their constitutions to include clubs.


20 August – Fire Stryker Demonstration.

Along with Jeff and Dave, I attended the demonstration of the Fire Stryker Inhibitor. Firestryker is a manual, portable aerosol inhibitor with remarkable extinguishing capability. It has very low toxicity and is environmentally safe. The device is a small, compact and lightweight cylinder.

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