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Road Safety Report March 16

Road Safety/AMC Report:

State Election 2021

Now that the WA state election is over, we will need to make contact with the possible new Minister for Police and Road safety to make our selves know to them so that we can form a constructive relationship going forward.

We of course will need to wait for our premier to announce his new cabinet.

Bike Fest Dwellingup 2021

We held a set up a booth for MRAWA at Longriders Café on Sunday 14th March for the first of the 2021 Dwellingup Bike fest, this was organised by the Longriders Café. We had a steady run of people approach are booth to enquire about the MRAWA and signed up 4 new members on the day, we also handed out many membership forms, and of course promoted rider safety. I would like to thank our volunteers who helped out on the day.

These type of events are a great way to communicate with the general motorcycle community and we should attend as many of these events as possible.

Riding in Groups video

I am hopeful of getting the go ahead from the Road Safety Commission for my grant application with them to produce a series of videos on the safety and aspects of riding in groups. These will be produced as a series of short messages that can be used and shared throughout motorcycle groups and online.


11th April – Launch

York Motorcycle Festival

Beyond Blue Charity ride from Centre Point Shopping Centre Midland to York.

Coffee van on site at Midland.

Donations towards Beyond Blue ($5.00 pp)

Talk at Midland by representative from RSC

Safety talk and promote MRAWA by ride leader.

AT York –

6 metre x 3 metre booth on site by organisers including power.

Focus – Motocap, fatigue, hydration.

Will need additional brochures, stickers banners produced and printed.

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.

Wednesday 14th April

Ride your motorbike to work day, or something similar? suggestions

Saturday 17th April

Free Ride Right Course

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.

Sunday 18th April

Coffee and doughnut with a cop safety ride from Fremantle heading towards Rockingham.

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.

All week

Variable message board signs on freeways etc withy MC safety messages.

Huge social media campaign safety campaign.

Mainstream media announcements (TV, radio, newspapers)

Funded by RSC grant/partnership.

MRAWA Grant Breakdown MARCH 2021

Road Safety Commission – MRAWA Partnership Funding

Original funding $10,000 + GST

We have now expended funding as follows-

Social media campaign – $2,000.00 + GST

RSC attendance at the 2021 York Motorcycle Festival – $4,000.00 + GST

Attendance of MRAWA at the York Motorcycle Festival $1,000.00 + GST

Ride Right Course – $700.00

Safety Coffee with A Cop $600.00

TOTAL $8,300.00 + GST

Balance of funding $1,700.00

Printing and rider safety promotion

Motorcycle Aware Driver bumper stickers – 500 = $451.00 + GST 1000 = $753.70 + GST  2000 = $1,482.20 + GST

Braking Habits Booklet –500 = $915.70 + GST  1000 = $1,336.40 + GST  2000 = $1,973.90 + GST

Fatigue, Hydration and Motocap brochures – 2000 copies of each $1,050 + GST

A Frames – $160.00 each approx.

Motion – not to proceed with the printing of the Motorcycle Aware Driver bumper stickers at this time

Not to proceed with the printing of the braking Habits booklet at this time , however make the changes to the document regarding the from and back page endorsements, and post the e-booklet onto our website similar to the Make Yourself Visible booklet.

Proceed with the printing of 2000 each of the Fatigue, Hydration and Motocap brochures at a total cost of $1,050.00

Proceed with the purchase of 4 double sided A frame poster stands 900mmm x 600mm to replace the old damaged A frames cost approx. $580.00 + GST each

TOTAL $1,630.00

Dave Wright

Road Safety Officer MRAWA

Motion to accept: Dave Wright                                  Seconded: Peter Butler                                   Accepted:

Steve Fish met with several other groups regarding existing issues that face the motoring community.

In that meeting it was advocated for a combined effort between all non-government bodies in WA to share knowledge and increase our presence (300,000 sounds a lot better than 1,000 or 30,000 etc.)

The idea is for the group to assist each other with contacts in various government positions and also put itself forward to government departments when they need to ask the opinion of the motoring community so that all parties can be aware of upcoming changes and be called upon to have input into new policies.

Share the Knowledge

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