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Motorcycle Graduated Rider Training and Licensing

Introducing the GRT&L project: The Motorcycle Graduated Rider Training and Licensing (GRT&L) project is a Department of Transport led initiative to review the ways that motorcyclists are licensed, trained and assessed in WA. A GRT&L system is made up of measurable increments or stages for the training and licensing of riders and/or motorcycles. WA already […]

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Ross Veasey

WE’LL RIDE TOGETHER FOREVER Ross Veasey, son of Diesel and Wendy, brother of Sara (Frog) and Claire (Spider) died in a motorcycle crash 1st of October 2007 in Glen Forrest near his home, he was just 20 years old and lived life to the full until prematurely taken from us. Ross loved his Kawasaki Ninja […]

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Chad Peters

Chad Peters of the Honda Shop in Midland, Western Australia passed away late March 2006 after a long battle with cancer. Chad’s very active involvement with the motorcycling fraternity in WA is well marked and remembered. The MRA WA members pass on their condolences to his family and friends.”

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Simon Charles Milward

Simon Charles Milward born 28th of January 1965 in Strete, South Devon, UK. In 1989 Simon quit as quality control manager with a leading British reprographic printing company to concentrate on something he believed in and where he thought he could do something useful. Simon started a fulltime career working for the interests of motorcyclists […]

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Rick & Sam

Rick and his wife Sam were killed 21.02.03 by a drunk driver. They were members of the Mandurah Ulysses Club. Unfortunately we haven’t a photo of Sam. They were husband and wife, aged 41 and 24. They were riding their Harley at the time of death. Rick & Sam

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Gunther “Gunner” Glaessner

Gunther “Gunner” Glaessner. 1958 – 2001 Killed – Waroona Dam Road Feb 11th 2001 Lived fast, Died fast –” Doing what he loved to do most, riding his beloved R1100 RT”. A much loved, much respected man who will be missed by many for the longest time. A note of thanks to all who attended […]

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